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Full text of "The Rumford Citizen, Vol. 2, No. 15 (October 24, 1907)"

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lays Rev t. A, Davit al the Wsxico Baptist 
Church, Sunday Morning. 

He reviews the Crises in tile from Uirth to Death from a 
Theological Sew Point Large Congregati i. 




Hearty $2000 Netted for 
St. John Baptist Chorcli. 
Hall Well Filled Every 
Night. Musical Enter¬ 


; jr 

Delivered at East Sumner Oct. 
9, by Rev. R. A. Colpitts. 
Portland, Maine. 

Fall Styles of Furniture 

and Carpets 

Are coming tiffci Owl ?you shimld- ome in and 
sfee'tb'em wiietirtr.ydtt wapfc to buy or not. 

OUlKJaY mmm, ■ f,, ® u W Bbagbeen My *aiafeatwas " ■■■ " 1 , 

: —- - - - -- : lliyir. Musical: Ertter- :- J V^ : W&hrn6mccem$%M, 

He reviews the Grises in tile Irani Birth 10 Death from a tainments, : : : I will 

)O ]0jcal V i' point I artrp P.nniirPfTafi . ~~ -- •ucui ciirfttmn workers u4y& arrived at tong that we are setting u 

* Cams loNit End. Tuesday light. yjtHlii co 3lusI °; lbout First*. at $\.00 eac t Th&ti ate 

■ ‘ ' f . " 4 • ■ • ' ■ . ■ : ; ; - v l .. Pi■*! i id if n r u«. j That; chjlcl cbr to kept; ip. tlie faili- v : . ■'' ' ~"7 - - 

Jfev. rllal AWaiO VI nlZ0S» erte fold' |rdm irtfajicy; Second: Thai ; 

fttendcat*of Baptist elittretes address- The last Crisis is at death,. I do not wrm--ftw ■ „ T~l ~ „ „ „ fee only perennial source of supply for TV_r»’f «■««ti nir rtrStk ' Jha 

m« tes..«•*«»««rt« s s« t ,• mu u .„)«» „i,i «!.«* mmm h :«» «„, Uoo *j!2 e £ i*2,2T *Zi cU 

rtm Imt Smfay In t' you will p , nil salvation, nUhou,- ' ' T , '' f c «thol. c churchjrhich ^ of the Ohnrch^s cTiildrcu.' Or ixi amous H JB RRNGBr n They 

i6?nngUstta Spirit* .,Rr. ftls. .tliai'Sw :je.r|ornta BOSflc.bonder' 0 , 1 ^,! t, % V n e | other worfis tfie Ctecli tntaorrow da CflPiH 'SiF'eMfieS Sitidf SijCStV/CS 

*M1, jtom tt-Jrttiu m ? L end. .Do : Z Z SSt a SU ?f 8 !f. l!l Children f today. The ‘ M ' T ^ 

He «i»d in 'part. ** Tte thcw#tvl of pond apaa that; ; ' !'Sl ^ • “ ht th *. ‘‘“t 1 Sunday Schools oE oitr Country are] 

the mm to m im ^ouUlU mm h nl*a unotiicr criiiH that " * S ‘ thft potentially the Church of tomorrow. I Rot/ITU Sh', 

satrfetjdercH to OhA, <)«■ Tit the LPcEt*: ,puft hhr fotth.■.■■to the test. That 5 -p , ® . ... , If tomorrow's Church Is tche a mis- I. Ottt/MWtf JXOLU/iy 

mmi irnwm ** live the w® Toss mcney. I knew u man Jl ... JUnmSSvSKSlSS fei °“ ar >' Ohurch-today^ Sunday- Sshool. I'' . | : MwMMSmaM hfe Wlf fk 

life* ; who, in M& night had the wealth that Nonary Sunday School. . I 

natt'ss wo. Ufa aoundK* eosv«rte<T II I fl<i tin ft iiMMrtri t-i I ^ ^ ^ ^ j 131 ftRChliXll G-IlllVGinSQ I Tft flrt rtCAnnn firrtW!!' illVitf ■ iiiSArtaJ I- ' ' 

ChrfeU«» life* 

^ We have succeeded it buyingo, 'M/tiwted 
number o/TapestrySamplesI 

fel ■« are selling ■ ^hey last ■ 
ai^-1.00 eac/i. They a^e Sfing&d. ■■:, ■. 

"" Don^t waste any; iiuctwith an , old,' range, -et one of. the, 
famous HUB FtTlJVGES. They are in stock now in 

. Standard Kotdry Shuttle ^Smorng 
Md^hi^s make hfe w^fi Uvin$ 

Hate,*3 we srn sniittdty eon verted Jfe ho hs<i heen a life time aecunmiittunt *L 

%r tta M* tow fetor I TyaiteW tor'^ sea jC iiW ' at __ v . . ,. ... . 

ncaiih or popotartty. ,1 * Wnht danfiMie in the sahio Christian !.?° 1? a 7? WeU patroni * e(7 - Tho tfhy fe many Sunday Schools ia We furnish liOUsea ircm cellar to garret imd Joe,: ^ou the goods 

When Rt»$r l/sutlnh died tho Jfeaei* way vui.' heteo,. I was rejoiced to see tJrcanr hoot ., near 'i&o thero not a^reatiw feterestfernissionai; wlrUe you^are pacing fttr ttieny, 

ltrs..fecd ft erlftta in ttotr history, feat he dufe he Savior wilt help ns y 0UII " G ; S S° ^ ; adeed mry l not ehango the proposi. / . Come ill antf talk it iver 

Isaiah had a vision of fed feord and c to hoar nil df*E«Uo«s and if wo will rS ,, SoC t^l U<)n ' to a 8fcron g° r £orin? •Why rs. pos- arid l IK II O 

iirl*!* chtno to hi*life, ffe went in the haw faith all the etowds wilt roll away, ww L 1 s rtS%«lo h tlm inajoriy of , 

iiHj place In the temple that was fer< and int their stead we will see the faco P 8 o\e by Mism Alma Sol- B chools save taking an occasional 0 C 11/ HO M/F 

bidden him, andall others bnt the High M the word as In » vision, 1 T . r collection? Is it because th his- ' L« wk O v/ Irlr Em 9 

Prim, He waa p«nlahcrt for defiling Tho vision of tho I*>rd « the vision rtf n?„ ul °f _ ar J* ' vc fe sn qb f^c tory of the Christian Missions is 

aoftht .holy ’Holleci ■ tied esmool tOJpw of Haaesaw thovMon of Jesns,! , 6 '■■i a r-«u W>& & coligiottr. nrW*;>8 lacking in interest? Shrely not] O £ A ^11 

hi* holy place* to ho dedled. Cf was ; -the vision .of deshs that ap. mha ,^1 ^ «, - There is nothing in the most Andy con- KUITI fu l3ltS 

The people of Israel were without poured to Jsalah in the temple and not ««!»>»«*« wl « h& - W 0ts 9, eoivodj, ana i^causitely written rom- f 

;.s leader Ofid. Qoi ms looking for n the mark upon Mu tips that he might 0 f fen Mi ill t ' > q 0 ^r aace that can. compare in ability to. ru. „«.l .. r., .. 

hradcr for them» They W'erc at a criiis Waw that 'lhero wm BO Imagination r S . capture our thought and thrili onr sonls It is little less than sacrilege to speak WHO KNC?WS THESE PARTI-. 

!»«,«s* tw-A* . ..*- iv e iiws rofreshment and Mojrie booth xrifK tw TViAffTflYiKr nHF anrtti. no I aP er k ^j nw W-.* rth-f-tfe •• • I ? Ofli 

croa'ff at djttoreftfe times, J.U tlie 
hs were well patronised. The 

’fhere. is no escape from] this needs- 
spry conclusion. 

Come Ini' andT talk it over. 


Rumford Falls 

capture pur thought and thrift onr souls It is little less than sacrilege to speak WHO KNOWS THESE' P AR TI* 

I about It. 

'aripassionate Information regarding the location 
feet. of Mrs. Mary Coyle is being sought by 

School must the authorities: of the State Hospital'' 
rder to pre* hfc Utica Hew York, where her hue* 

ia tbrit lives. about It. » r ° ^"l Cnti /"f hooth w j t h the biography a£ snch men as of Sunday Schools as Christ's ifistifcU V ES. 

!: AH peraona have 'crises In; -tlieirllyd* If ho had -tried to get lhfe» ■Soelotv -wf ° £ U ‘ a ?^ wp ^ f {Holtat% Invingtsoae> Carey Judsou, tioa until it Is fired with His Jove fm 

!•' to puse them and ho succesaful they holy place of Uad he would: have been IC . 0 0 er Stanley and a score >f others, . the world and posseasec of b , passionate Information regarding the location 

amt he linked with. Sod and bn lead Itruck with leprosy. There were angola | n ‘ I ciuertnining visitors. Tho Jfo, the lack of interest in she Snn* purpose to bring it to his feet, o£ Mary Coyle R being sought by 

by the apirife The first crisis affei of Ondin the femple. It is hot unusual !!' tk r l ^ for missions is not due to But again—Tho Sunday. School must The authorities of the State Hospital' 

■*0 ate born Jit When wo come to the for 'hhgula th appeal to men, They ^ op enrat 'V a 80 ..!r ^ .f**™ mission matteri! being uninteresting,; do Missionary Work, in order to pre-: hfc Utica, Hew Mork, where her hha 

cecirionsnm Of chbied, to know right appeared ftt the birth and death of Holiv^^ 818 7*1 nU,n ® r0p3- 1 • k i& sometliing q'uito ^ifferenU I servo itfeit. It faces a double; depth I band, John Coyle, is critically jit andjis 

!; from wrong This comes «a»Ty sad the lesbs, Those at fee holy temple Up- f W' 1 ’Ti 11 fff 5 ? r The lack Of interest in missions is so soon as it fails in this Tespect. The ospeetea to live but a shoBfi time. Mr. 

DOthtr hat great power htid fespoasi* pairing to tmd six wings. It 5 , p ' 'T* explained tim schomc due in a largo degree to, the exaspotr grist death hofero it is spiritual It is Coyle 3a a pinmber by trade and is- 

baity at this nm. She can fell the was hi* ft*** .ogperteafe. The young v' tl £,; 6 ' ,, , those tt ting ignorance of Sunday school offi- by the losing of life that life is found, thought, to have been employed: as a. 

cbiid of her Ittvo and Oh:ri*t , a ln% and watt was teio face wlih fShrist, The •upd tl n ■« w * *n 8 l Uk* cors and teachers about missions. 'Worn- ,That was thp principle set. fOrlh by lumbenuau in the vicinity of Bumf ord 

lie story at the If Is the moth- doers moved and the tempfe ; tfelnble 1 eorS ' Tl.T pmn ™ i ' ronc 'b nnifevree 0 n and men (who seem to bo oehlous'Christ, The life blood in the veins of halls, and Where Mrs, Coyle has made 

*^portani^.ttftft irmH saLsft. Neither was ftmt*m unusual thing. tSw tmi1 r P>* tbefe echeols) have read in the last; Christianity is missionary'blood^thnh her home. Atty. cmuinuuieaixow in 

"« A rite 3* negligent Of her duty U The greatest crisis in a maft r * life- It- S i‘, r r® ?*?* * * «« Re revelations;Its credential. The church, at home ga r <l to the whereabouts of Mrs; Coyle 

M. She had better win that life for when he becomes honest with God. It u t ^ “ ^ ' M cerning such immoral monsters as Thaw dies just ah soon ns it ceases toflive, «>«y be addressed to Willard A, Htafe 

(brut even If in consequence It ex* i» important that wo look Into the face S, 1 . . 4 «* wh |te than they have rend senten. abroad, H we wish to have muscular &rft, City Eecordar, Little Fails, N, % 

tuwges Wealth for tht poor house, of Uhrist and discover our own iwperi \ V Z S ”iT ttUOwing pnzes ees about such saintly soiils ns any Christian life on the praries of Amer- 

Ce* hold# the mother responsible for fections. When the mar. surrenders his {ZzT T 4 . .. _ ^ hrstory of Christian Missions would set i ca we must be constantly seeking to OXFORD PAPER CO SUED FOR 

tie child, life to Clod. God gives him work to do. | lr ", ?r n w ' .1. Suretto. forth. The boys and girls of our schools sond life to the plains of China and to $10,000. 

i dBotfer crisis nceurit when passing Wo ate lost by looking down. ifvSTS/w v ? ot a niissionary vision um the tabieiands of.India, The only w^y 

1 .* l.. ^ st ome vase a+ uftrGWCUi til tlic officiary of thH schobl has such Ia iwaifrA Bhlf WrflahrvnFtnn id t/i Gfftci Ilrt fiflfiflTlrt, flllininRtpnfrti*' 1 

Attotfeeir erifilte MtJiM wto priS5»iig Vtt ftte tout by looking down. Wfr JnpnttWsuU Cm 
fmm youth to manhood. This is a phy. find our lost way by looking up and f nrv ; n g Bet, 
Svilogical a* well m a spiritual crisis, seeing the blazed tree* touched by the Ladies’ Waist 
Tie story of salvhtloa must be told to glorious Christ. If wo climb hit!, Zion Lift f Leo XIIL 
tfe yonih. just coming Into manhood, we must look up. Pair of si 

The parents have a duty to perform. Tho joys of salvation will help us to $2.50 in Gold 1 M 
How can they do It if they are not bring joy to others. Be converted ntid jj ojc ^ Cifravn 
CbrkUaasf Barontif have tho duty to believe and carry the conviction to vi 0 n D * 

history of Christian Missions would set ica we must be constantly seeking to OXFORD PAPER OO SUED FOR 
*'• S " rett0 * forth. Tho boys and girls of our schools sond life to the plains of China and to $10,000. ' ^ 

alary Harpe, wij^ never get a missionary vision un- tho tablelands of India. The only way ■ . . ^. . 

A. Chretien, til the Officiary of the school has such to insure self preservation is to have Gaetano Sariano, adininstrator for 

Lopis Gauthier, a vision. Let the teachers and officers world ■wide preservation. By, the very the estate of Antonio Sariano who was 

Mary Maillet. have missionary zeal and give infer* genius of Christianity and the work- scalded so badly in. a Vat at the Ox- 

O. Chevard. matlon and the school will quickly re- ; ng 0 f its subtle laws, a Christian ford Paper Mill last spring that he 

The parents have a duty to perform. Tho joys of salvation will help us to Jln L n Jn* ? f poml Wlth splond,a “‘wionary offer- church begins to die just as soon as it died from the effects, has sued thoftmm* 

How can they do it {f ilmy are not bring joy to others. Be converted nud lex of Cimrs i u wnnlu' ‘“v' , . , . . .w. ceases to exercise its self in the broad- P«uy for $10,000, 

Christians? imronts have the d ay to believe and carry the conviction to 8 f vm « r ! I i. S ^ ld b . a Hlt0rcsted ia Mlss,ons ** channels of Missionary effort, Tb e writ was Served this week, and 

perform aed while theie ft other help ather# and you will have your reward. *5 of vtonr ^ ? m, T°Z7- f'wP was % ^ ****** States today the & returnable ft fbe March term of 

the parents have tho greatest respon- Let m seek the hard places and not CarvineSet * ifes WWn rilrv ^ ' fl VCn . by O br| at, Savro you missionary question Is important be- court to be holdcn at Baris. 
iMIty. look for the dower hardens. If wo L iP y ‘ over pouaod and pondered Rat the on yend measuro. In this section domestic ■ ♦ ■ - ■ 

the parents have the greatest respon-1 Let us seek the hard plnces and not Carving Set" * 1 

iMUy. look for the dower gardens. If wo $3 Bollar Gold Bieco, 

Pros the age of 43 to 50 there 1# amount to anything God will put us in chamber Set 
asoifccr crisis in tho human life, At hard place*. There is no retreat when Btnuer Set ' 
tr4t period we either settle back and lighting ia the cause of the Lord. It p ar j or dock 
riisg to the ways we have been follow, ft always forward. There is victory be- gg yards of Cotton 
leg or w c go forward. Many have seen tween the Bible lids—victory on every Two Busts ’ 

fer the drat time the glories of the page/* Bountain Ben, I 

Mrs. Warren Berry, ever paused and pondered that the ot 

.a, Cxl 1( . ^ J . „ . « '■ J VMUr U.VUVI. J.U UVV*«W« uvutba V1V . ■ • » ” . - ■ ' ^ 

Dollar cold Bieco, Alfred Sampson, great command given after His resur- and foreign missions are practically INDEPENDENT NOT flATTT 
Chamber Set. -RftWt wntu »i.« J UAim 

I Boun tain Ben, 

[Trial Catarrh 
| mailed out ftt 

Robert Mills, rcction was the Missionary Command? sj*nonj-inous terms. The old heathen OLIC ORDER OF'RTPUa 
Mrs. E. A. Shcehy. There is mr element of triviality here, code has been transplanted to every * 

BHe Gaudct. Josu3 noyor uttered a; simple saying be- city and bamlet of our new world, Un- Were at Frank Belanger’s Funeral, 

, A, Roy. fore his reflutfection, and we may be less the Sunday School of today, which 

Leo Sirois* assured that in these hours ho spoke c£ will bo the Church of tomorrow, vlg- There are three separate orders of Bor- 
Mrs. A. E. Stearns, great matters—matters which sank in- orously prosecutes missionary work esters in. Rumford. The Independent 
late that it was de- to the souls of the diciplcs of those among these people, ere we know it Catholic and American In the report 
he^ drawing of the days, and, likewise, should sink into they will have overrun Sunday School of the funeral of Frank Belanger which 
util last night. The out lives, Surely if the last command church and every Brotestaut instilu- occurred Oct, % we said the Catholic 

on __,, _ f’ntnwrU u-i_„ b “dur was so late that it Was de- to the souls of the diciplcs of those among these people, ere we know it Catholic and American In the report 

SPECIAL TOWN MEETING. , , ' . , eided to imsipone the drawing of the days, and, likewise, should sink into they will have Overrun Sunday School, of ffte funeral of Frank Belanger which 

hf'tdfirsdav rvr 1ft ' * in »*,mk in Itan ft in* WfeThasd frttawJ'bvnv \ m '7 the prites ttutil last migtifc. The our lives, Surely if the last command Church and every Brotestaut institu occurred Oct, % Wo said the Catholic 
m Llltl* th*«**m ll VZLftS i drawing gi take place in Stdbhu the of a dying parent is heeded by the tion. If you desire to know justwhat Order of Bbrestem attended in a body, 

tiZt ... .. . . *m Ro parting command of Christ wUl be *L With our fine institutions That was an errer. It was the ml 

A ’r 1 !”' Lv HEgfL MOBKQW iot disperse until mid* queitlOii Of iThat la maSnt* Even the alty priestcraft attempted apd almost '® CONCERN FELT. 

hmrii k 'sh h* a,,..** M K> and Mary Moskow were wings f that modern bird called Sigh* succeeded in bringing the free schools j_ ,, 

ibww* and ha# been built at grettr «« -erni, anu ma*> mosaow were mi, ... .Vr. . Ordinary Methods for Treating Catarrh 

tiBSSe and ia Wctl built and of great [married Tuesday njornlag at St. Athan* 1 Rrt\ifr.TNrt RAT t ai?p TVTriN : ^ ^ ® ,, under partial control. But may be ex- feoVO UnsuccdsSftiL 

to fee S H ft Mi&SU Choreh b^ Rev. dvl Barry. The 0WL ^> ;gj 0PF MON, „ out of wwmnl which constl. ?e cted when fee present processes of * v ^unsuccO ssfUL 

rn m<L aD( l £{ tose who de- | Th £ Bdison, the great American m Mfr was n vrsat ennfrast itt ’* vp()A Us surface, and being Christ's- Sunday School must leaven these masses: ?f A “ e ’ e 1 “ en , th ' Preserip?. 

rCST 1 * tt,w “”*" r,mt «m*m »^ Jm* iL tfm *™tA^J!££2££ But •»* a*** JJ ...;,. W-. tb iz:T ,1T ?'t®i . „ 

» th* Sts^m , .t. themselves.* 1 This 1# whore woigea*- feafttre# of the 5 y „. c . , Sundaj Schoo and Church. Hence as ** h .^ 

pendent Order and they should have 
been credited with the attendance. 


fth dtseripUott Of the work then belng|R'» n fe r d Balls. Gutter i, Bradbury g f Beau 5 

by Mr, Yitgiu and those who de*!^ *• ^ ■. ' ~ 

tee more infefnjatioa about the stfeet ,' Am6ri ^ Thm contest wa* a great contrast to 

a5f ' what purpose ft serves are referred fftyeator,, says Bully eighty per Cent, th0 m, t week’s game. The sixth score 
tolfcat issue, 'bl the iltifiHt of mavkinu conies from the list last week Would have taken 

pthfi* street ft asked ^ ^ P laee tWs w eek, 

• & PetftogUI, and runs from a polatlP^ 6 . oVer '. n ?. u, „ K<s Hard breaks, and few spares/ Were 

f ih * Hwain road near fee new cot* ■« J® / b ^! £ S tfia friiturcs of the game, 

'm recently built l,* G^n BettmiMR tiSR fts beginning la u-nriy every THU SCORE. 

jNpotolte feehUbftt mufewei- case ; Tb6 l S'° m ** $S 85 255 

{Dhrctien. It ft possibte to (at such Mactl w 7^“" d * etin m $7 m W 

: «» R Wftald tii a«iiwiMa> mm ;? w I2L51 i m * hm 78 84 ** m 

tilJ «rtrt to join H red , ear |™g kind of food, the digcsUve or tmttcf 

*rn fen Vmimwk » „ .... » . roanus neip, aaw »««« u, nicmen: 

Vokv Ub re cm 0f ttlCm wUI in ’ aches, belching. Sour stomach, nausea jtorioM 

aad la digestion, Tou should attend to BeIson,OIaf 
1 ‘ arp ls also an article le see what this at once by taking something feat * Bid ni 

<JfJ H 1 * town wilt vote to raise for feewill actually do feo work lot the item*. «« 

«»ftnaue 0 of thepoorfo e Hodol wlH do this, R Is 4 com* 

‘Ute flw-r W 1 b v bisaHon of natural d.gestunts and.veg- 

* Bid nOt finish. 

r^; Hscal yuafi : 

'j ^ Fritiou of & Wv «we for a 
M *00 from Haueimk, • near tho 

re ^1 ■. rj .—,, ,. ... > ....... ,. .. 


vr - ten But agultt—Oar Sunday Schools feeso Godless and gospeiless hordes will . rav ages ot disease. 

should hav« fee Missionary Spirit by force of numbers and by hostile Wb ff stomacb dosing proved ineffSC* 
mttf * because only then are they gen- spirit, crush out of e*fttauee both fee lX®* , J 85 ? 33 h 9 , ■ 

-P‘ ^ A uinely Christian schools. To be Sunday School and Church. Stead© m: W 

truly Christian# we must have met a mere matter of perpetuating itself id , absolute euro for all ca. 

or t ' cr, rn use GhWst and In some measure have caught this home land fee Sunday School 5 ® 9 baa m lastBemt^uud, 

m r ot lei ® s f5 P* r ' e RR d vision. But the Christ must be up and at work in missionary ^^^J^^^nmeatpckefe inhaler, 
, „ vision ft world Widc-^and if your life endeavor, * medication reaches every 

15S 05 7 6 075 13 fee narrow gauge typo, it is Self BoSslhly some who Sre here, live in a f where there are catarrhal germ3, 
7ft L d? evident that We have- not Seen the quiet and nlral mmmuiniiy aiTdd Amer- t, ' em > l”' cvcats: /bcir future 

£ * itl broad guage vision of Christ, To be lean stoeft They think these pictures d * soothes .^b 0 irritated m- 

iff ffl' fd 03: sbre we may appear to be cveeedingty datk-^so dark feat -It ft overshafled, ft ' f 

rs ss 57 201 or feod<m**-but it is au orthodoxy of be- But your rural American community IastiDg: cufe J 

; m m «y 1,<5t of conduct, and feat kind ot feduy may by tomorrow become a pt J^ c ? ly t 

11 SI M d:: vBest sort of heterodoxy, I Visit veritable abode: of a babft Of tongues, outfit cteftbiit 

some SiiHday Schools Which have ft In a small manufacturing community Cot ' p har* 

„ ;.. "rislm: feat is selftwlde. Theft sfogan 0 f Maine a certain church 10 years ago " ,a - y 7?(Sytl ° Ws ofi 

. UomwtniHy tot my school,* bad a membership of nearly 100. To-; K ^ re< ' We “ t 

I visit otters that have t denominatloa- aay ia feat community there i*$m -I ,/ a :ia ^ neh give Satftfecf* 

lies’ H, fe Gold wide vision. Theft slogan ft **The tir o m P a ® m bniy cure for natafrb 

81 si sc 25 

;j. ( *“ * Q ft from llanetek, - tear the 
®fewlhmi#e- tn fee private way 
T,ow UirBishe# m entcanee to feo 

■ i&tm m t pompom m& ttmm Mn filled m w 

.f .M . aS Sif” tsrksn 

* s * Set fa 
s# *"ftctme 

felfee £d. 

reti, Mayor, Gftftd/ Aid 


Continued oa Baft, Bight, 

Sit tbi- libera* plan. 

urn w* tow -mm ernmu m 

r.V* V*8, . ._ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ 

&'Wlk ■ • r , 

business t 

-’ '-&H AXI) 

Rumford Falls 




&! Unllnn I & 


m; m 

The Hapnfcg! i Hie : fit le Hipinp d i wee 
as ptlterel by tbe Citize - as Told by Our Correspondent. 

ler, Merrill lleweyj Owen Lovejoy, Mai- 

.■'*■■ .1 ... • fc .... v. . j**-. „ .rat «■» *> A /llrtV* 

I-/*■;\.‘i rlM.■l iurTuullU nBUM™iy ^ Siw* 

k:- -• ■ " 1 *^* | .■ ■■ .. . ■■■' ' '. colru Gregg, ©iwenco Newton andCloy* 

■L?; ■■ ' ■ R13 M T /om PALLS, ME, ^ ^ Mr# g, A. Wilson oc- ton Sweatt ftsvts bee on a bating 

8:1 - -roc is ar ^immodioqs and fully equipped wfth what the curre a After i richness at hoc, trip nt their camp at the Lakes. 

^^i5^S^Si«tSaSvS£mantv ^1 latebOh®M Monday, Oct. U. tt* SM» tatt* ^ 

|| ent J^uires tor s» r P ■■--■■■■^ ; _ .... . funeral services were held at Vest week, one at Olncy Burgess and ©no at 

■y>j 3 you cannot attend the d»y sch al, enroll - „ school, Peru church on Friday at one o'clock. R. $- Poors. . ■ 

as a student m the cvcntnj >u ^ sill frfl]n Mediaa»» awie bwser, wJ,e has speat 

IfF 1 ^--aT -.. "" .ktr/alnET MhlA/ officiated. Mrs. Vilsot leaves a lms- the summer with fier ri&er, Mrs. Mm 

H rinwx. rfFL Y. DECIDE Nuvv ’ „! ftH vr two sons. (coin Dresser baa returned to South 

|^QN f T DELA Y _ peuiuk 

Following are the Courses Offered. t 

miNESS COURSE: lltSu the 

late home ofi Monday, Oct, 14, TW Were have been two husking? this 
funeral services »v«rft held at- Vest week, one at Olnfiy Brigess and one at 
vhooL Peril church cm. Friday at one o'clock, E. S. Poors. 

ri-I R* v , Jessie Jordan from, Mechanic PML :. Mrs. Brimie Dresser, who baa spent 
[■>»*/ printed Mrs, Wilson loaves a lm&- the summer with her atster, Mrs. Di. 
U ' band and two sous, . coin Dress® baa returned to South 

Carroll H« '» n.o nf 1 , the .younger sor ^ramiugham Tor the winter. She staya 
of AValaec Hammond died at the hoiut with her sister, 3dra, IT, |>. Darbc^ who 
RY: of his parents Saturday Mgllt, Oct. Jfi, algo returned with her. 

ween the. Hrs> ;g aWll £ Pninam, inapcetor of :$&* Arthur Bel) Has;, moved Isis farm 
the National WV % C. is away in' in- ily from, the Thurston rent to the rent 

| McDoii 


| Drug 
| Store 
I Service 



f i 

7” At ^a >rAd.»ritinff Arithmetic, justness uouiscs ««» .- Mrs. Sarah V. J^atuaub lpapwvw or ^ 

«g, s horthand 1 * & ^ ^ ^ a _.. of r? and 15 years. f tbe National W. & C. ! is away to in- ily front the ^hnrston rent to the rent 

yle*rap . )b k ni j_ esr btj a p Cr s and alt ifeet SPECIAL COURSES: Special _Cmr&Jb i sotQ5t the different Cbrps Of bn the southern half of Atrs,, Jones: 

IV,. s >m Buamess papers l d Si-nd Emg. bouse, 

asrr' 0 ' ,s 1 

i-OllEdE P^RRAfORy COURSE Ern- ing those s in wfc:* they are most Mri1U! MusiOnl Reshval which was el ^ord Falls ; or tbe Winter, 

braring' re English* Erenc *n< atihi jefide , Courses preparatory to Civil * a p^^lnnd lagfc week, On bm return Herbert Ncsbet, who is at the MiUou 
Languages, hlgbe thematics and all Service Examinations. Cour *? a i**' tmmo he visited his sister, Mrs. Philoon House, is improving quite rnyddly, 

other subjects usually required in college S on£ ?n Elocution, OrsCMry and Express w iston, Aire. Bdward Bhodes came to tolvn 

entrance examinations.. Beading lih.,,. Xt,« Rnturdav and is to Stnv with her dnntth» 

Day Sets from 9 a. ■■ h»,3:30 rm. ; tr^gg *w»y j -* 

,V■ TERMS:. ' Payable Strictly in Advance ... 

$1.50 iper week, or $5.00 per month bf Four Weeks 

State of Maine In dust r!«e 

& Dii- i) D 

Home Spun Hg ne Knit Garments 

Pure wpol hand knit single an( doul >le gic ifc 

LamVs fleece Footings, white, grey, brown anid black, 

'Bheep’$:.elips.lorig4eg^nbbfei. .loggias. ■ ■ 

SLarn’s wool blue and irown, hand knit Draws 

Mutton’s Vdol’grey home'kpuri vefy heavy Swaeters 
“Dills" beaviest all^wool, short Coat, or Jacket. 

Llocutios . Oratory ma r-xiuena > S’sston, Aire. BdWfttd Bhodes came to to^rn 

lg ' 1 Hr. Dexter Berry and sister, AtrS. Saturday and Is to Stay with her dangle 

Ey<n)flg Session; From 1 unfil 9 p. m. Em6rSon Mureh went to AVlnthrop t«r, Mrs. Barker this winter. 

■' ' " ~ Wednesday, Oct, IS, to see their brt ; Airs. Albert Thomas is visiting at 

Jtly in Advance ther, Mr. Vnllace 3eny who 3s very Prank Thonnm-’ home. : 

tonth bt Four Weeks. ill. Hr. Defter Batty returned to bis John K. Hewey is at work on a 

^ ■ - ■ — - home Saturday. Afrs. Alurub will re- bridge on Beaver Brook far Thurston 

. ... t main at Winthrop for a few days. ; Bros. 

I diiStri 6 S : rirris Howe and family drove Deo, nod dames Newton have fonn in 

'.■Sn$+* : -Ha. g\- North Bumford Sunday morning, aud the lakes for two weeks* 

{$£)» • returned in the evening. ' ' The Bnivcrualist Circle met Tues- 

sp m m rn ' 5|r : The Jhergmelbbi Club hold a sale day evening with Mra. Holton Abbott, j 

)f f ai?C y articles, lionsObold articles, Jmwrencn Tucker closed hia summe 
lit Garments lee cream, candy, cake and hot choeo- home here Tuesday, and left for Bos 

res _ late at the Alasonic ilall Thur«dny tom Mr, Chiis. Snell has charge or 

, , . ovoniug OcU If. The sale >vn»Wcll the green house a ad Fred HuteWn 

rovra and Diacit, ». ... attended and the proceeds were vmey the horsca for this -winter, 

ptos. ‘ • mitlsfnctory, Arthur Hoberti} H preparing in instalj 

hand knit Drawers Mt. Sugar Loaf Orange held a Spe- ir fnrmwe in his cellsr. 

1 Five 
| Years 
i At 

MCDONALD'S DRUG STORE Service is untir- 
ing in its effort to give 5 V«' customer » Square ij' 
deal foe his money, A drug 'store that docs that, & 
deserve? jpaironagd and deserves to win success, am 
wifi win. .■ How well this store has wot Out in its $ 
five year's’busmtss career is propf that its way of do* g: 
'inf business Is the Square Dcilinf Way. That is v 
striving to give the Highest Quality in Goods and >♦< 
icrvke and all at a fah price. This growth is strong >1 
evidence. We would he glad to add you to our list 
of satisfied ciatomen, and remember there is b 
a slring on youE m^ htn^ you | 

buy here is n 6 t'satisfactory.' .. : ; *Jr 

■j' W. P. MfeDpfjalcJi Co, ■ | 

TLe Rex alt St ore. il 




Office nnd y>rd al foot. Of: WaldnS t 

We carry alF of the Different grad ©9 o! ?oal 


dal meeting at their hull Thursday ..Lester Boor and Amhrt Boor lmvv, 

evening’ Oct. 3.7. The third and, fourth gone to the lakes for a week or ten 
degrees wore conferred, -winch was fhl- da'ya. 

Dry Hard Wood and Birch Edgings constantly m hand. 

We fit your wood to any size desired. 

Tam Breach was in lawn the 18tb. 
Herbert Th(una», Harry Tbiimns, 

„v„ „ v , . * a wrtrtl veefv aer reeg were comerren,»c« was 

“Dili double breasted heavy all wooV - lovrj?d ^ ^ jj to , effc p eas t, pt was Tam Breach.wa# in town «wH 

Men's double and Single Ewes wool Mittens thoroU g h jy ^joyca hy all prosent. Herbert Thomas, Harry Th 

The above GOODS are good, better, best of all the lines for cold The Etisiem Star held their regular Harrison Amber and Hrnest h 
, . 11 rt~frtrw rriarte ntiifFC meeting at Masonic Hall Tuesday went Satiminy to Portland for th 

weather, and outwear all factory-m s * ^ evening Oct. 15. The men furnished a to attend the game of football 

Also I have Sportsmen’s Goeds in Boots* in Coatsy in Pants, Knapsacks treat a very soc ; a ] time was en- tween 0, nf H* hhd Dartmouth, 
Game Bags, Leather Coats and Hats, together with all styles ol joyed. i-*** Bcnmld and party wen 

Now is the time to put in your supply of coal for next winter. 

The Eastern Star held theit regular Harrison A)»S* and Ernest Milton 
meeting at Masonic Hall Tuesday went Saturday to Portland for tho day 

Call us up and get our prices or if interested drop us a card 
bad we will call and see you. 

t’hn* Fcmald and party were 

Moccasins, Cruiser B,ubber*s61ed Boots, xo and r 6 inch leg; fine 
Leather Gloves. Outfitters for Hunters, Trappers, Lum* 
bermen—everyone exposed to rain storms or cold. 

The potato and apple crop is ab«n- Hotel Twitchri) Sunday. 

«]ant in this vicinity, it has been bard Mrs. Davla Rand arrived Saturday 


for the farmers to Had help for the hnr- from Philadelphia, where she has been 

Cor. Conlress and Ejtchange, 
Rumford Fall*, Me,. 


vesting of these crops. 

Mr. K. K, Brackett has some over 

visiting relatives. 

Mrs. Frank Keith came home Fri 

a thousand husbels af due large pota- ]day, 


"Why send away to catalogue houses for sewing machines We nmiersi 

when you can step into another town 

urday to tn 

F. A. Furbish’s place 28 River St< ^ 

And buy the same machine at their catalogue Vte decision 
prices and save express charges. S"* Lucb 

Call in and look them over before buying, we are gin 

is being done 

Sewingmachinesand organs forsale 

at fewest cash prices, also for been deprive 

Wo understand that there is to be i 

Mrs. Harvey Newton, is quite ill. 
Officers Bolling and Merwjn of the 

another town meeting here next Bat* Humane Society were in tOWM the IE, 

urday to take action in regard to sew-1 George Wyman lms left off driving 

era go of this village. It is sincerely stage to go into the woods, and B. Lv 
hoped that they may come to a drib Akt?.rs lms taken his: place. 

The time wasted 

Rev. and Mrs. % H. Derrick have 1 

arguing this question will cost the town arrived from their western trip. He 

most as much as the sewer itself. 

attended the. National Council of the 

Wo are glad to learn that something Cong. Church iu Cleveland^ Ohio, as a 
is being done toward giving the sebol- delegate from the Oxford Conference. On 

which is the only Pnint that hns been sold ftfc 
, Rumford Ralls since the start. 

ars of some of our rural districts tb| Sunday evening he gave a moil interest- 
winter schooling from which they have >«g outline of this great meeting. 

been deprived for a number of years. 3 


Mr. Lovejoy, the carriage manufact* 

Mrs. flarcncC Newton la visiting her 
parents in Locke Mills while her hus¬ 
band is away. 

TtvO deer were brought into Warren 

STANLEY BISBEE Rumford Falls. 

m 13 - 

tireJ* of ChtRl^rviJIgj jin|so6 through I ilnrslonji tlie first of tbu \std% 

F. A. 

28 River St., 

Miss Dora Jordan and Miss Ridley 

If you want to buy a, h. 
you want we can find it for you. 

If you want to sell your horse, 
a customer. 

If you want to SWAP horses, 
make a change. 

this plftefc one day last wgfrk. 50*4 Ttdtn anil Misr Hi die j 

. RiRfori Falls, Me. Mr. Frank Holman and Mr. Walter J<tf Alfred, Me., ate boarding at Glen* 

■■■ ... ■■ __ Smith finished picking apples on Mr. ellis, 

Gustavus Hiseock's farm last Friday. Mrs. Bert Hutchins returned from 
Miss Linda Smith is visiting her sis* Boston Saturday, 
ter, Mrs. F. J. Casey of Dixflcld. —— . « . ♦ — . . ; 

Mr. Arthur Hi acock has finished SITUATION WANTED, 

. working for Mr. Nathaniel Sfivery of . , ' ' 

A Vk 1A South Carthage. By capable Amcncan woman as 

: O lOUlv Miss Gladys Holman attended the worku >8 housekeeper for one or two 
r . reception At Academy Hall, 'Wilton, genlJemen. No children. Got home. 
* l£ we haven t what evening. October 13, riven bv ^nio particulars. Stamp for reply. 

woman as 

Friday evening, October 11, given by 

we can 

the teAchcrt and students of the Acad- 
you cmy. 


North Baldwin, Me, 

Hot Drinks, and Drinks 

that are Palatable. 


'Ifiat’s whit we serve you these cold days. 

The FOUNTAIN yields Chocolate, Cof¬ 
fee, Clam Bullion, Beef Tea, and 
all the popular Temperance 

a customer. ~ • “ EAST BETHEL. 

If you want to SWAP horses, LBT US know, wo cun help you blood POISONING Mr, 0, B. Harwell is doing threshing 

Ynok<* it results front chronic constipsHon, which 5» thin r fate 

mawe n c © « , , quickly cured by Dr, King's New Miss Florence Skillings is preparing 

"VYe have a aicCj bay mare by AJclayono with 2.3Q speed, tins is Life Pills. They remove all poisonous her seheoT for as entertrimnent, 
a (lufidy* work horses, saddle horses, family horses# Anything from germs from tha system and. infuse new Miss Rose Greenwood is working for 

a dollar and a half, up. 

Try us and be convinced. 

JlJte $$ tigdff ctxte W* 0* Straw At tie TillAgo, 


headache, dizziness and colic, without -Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kimball have re- 


Eldlonvilte, Alalne. 

grfjiiiD^ ur dii^mjCdrt^ ~5t* j ffroyh 

teed by GhAs, % Fcmald, NuthAA Key- Mrs. I|. B. Bartlett visited relatives 

aolds, Ganton, J, P. Johnston & Co.* >» Lowell, Mass., during excursion 
PlsSeld, And H. J. Reynolds, Ridlon- Week. 


Beautii 1 Bah , eyes examined free. 

One of the §YMte$t channsj must hewell taken do you have headaches; 
care of. You can easily make your hair kmtrl 5^?f 
oM and heatthfu l by the use of Tears; Holding thing mu t 

- ■ 11 gv.v : ■ {normal distance r$ inches.) 


It restores hair to Its nattmil color, cures dandruff and stops BE AFTER A CAREFUL K 
Mlirtg hair* Giye it a trial, If it does not do alt we have cMmed SRIATioH, 

for it and you are not satisfied, bring back the empty bottle and get Dft. F, I BARTLE 
your money back. 75 Coigress Sl (< Ramfirl f 

Mrs. Lottie Abbott Of Norway was 
——i the guest of Mrs. J. I,. Holt one day 

EYES EXAMINEDl FREEt ^ A « st «: f 

broker of Albany was at G. Au Kinj- 
YOU HAYE HEADACHES; balls last week looking for oxen. 

Dull Vision* Blurred Eyes? Cross Xff. .«*d Hm. Reorga' HfisUajg* and 
%es,- tnfiamed Byes; Ruonittg two sons, visited In Portland lost Bat- 
Tears; Holding things ton Mr away arday and Tossed Sunday with Mr. and 
fnormat distance' t4 inches! Mrs. B» 0, Millett a South Pans. 

(normal distance 14 inches,) 



75 Coigress Sf„ Ramfirl Falls, Mi 

j>,«. . ..._ ,..... ..... 

Ws P. McDonald Company, 




[ **My mother has euddenly been mnde 
young at JO. Lwenty years of intense, 
suffering from dysjtepsSa had entirely 1 
disabled her, until six months ago, when 
she began taking Electric Bitters, 
which have completely cured her and 
restored thn strenth and activity she 
had in the prime of life," writes Mrs. 

IfiitiifoFd Falls, Haim. 

j ..j. «... , .i, a | . W, li. Gilpfltric, of Danforth, Me, 

1 OUS 6 inQ FiHO LOIS 83l Greatest restorative medielfie on the 

Splendid neighborhood, Mexico 

globe. Belt Stomach, Liver and Sid¬ 
neys right, purifies tkd blood, and Cures 

Those who Write and :i 
wish: to write rgh t .ty.lll' I 
!. find the right quality of f 
Writlogf tniltihl it right | 
! pikes right or 



We have Just received a lift* 
line of material in this Hue, 
put tip expressly for our own 
trade aud shall endeavor to 
supply youf needs. 

A little later in theseason ^we 
shall have a fine asaortment 
for Holiday a nd GI it purposes 



It Woulr- Seem So. 

Guyci'^Bpeafelng ol the sensona^ stim- 
jner Sfi the pride of them all. 

Mrer—How do yon figure that offft 
buyer-^—It goeth before & fall,, you 
know.—Mlbicago Doily News. 

He Wasn't s Genius. 

' ,f l0 your sop 8 vioilnistf ! * 

[ "No; He has joined A WeW religious 
Beet, the members of which believe ft: 
Ilf n sin for men to ever have their 
hair cat. ,, '“Chicago Record Herald. 

Hbights. .W'llf be sold at.ftw*.; Biliousness and Weakness. 


A wort tc the wise, etc. 

Waldo St. 

Wonderful Nerve Tonic. Price 50c. 
i> the wise, etc. ■ ' Guaranteed by Chas. B, Pernald, Nath 
.1 ..... I I :..., aff Reynolds, CantOb, J. P. JohftSton & 

PHILIP ASH co., Dlsfield, nod % J. Reynolds, Rid- 


ill So repotted at improving. 

: hdhie to mate one of hit tefirt. 




wood's £ 
cases of 
head :he, 
out them 

The 'T 
earned a 
siclm tss i 
arc' the 

ways rdi 
store, 35c, 


Good Vl( 
Special aj 

gabl lt 


We also i 




41 North ■ 
CiU get to 

VEAL —1 

HuUl j«po< 

c 8 >, tie, tea 

KCjJ. te S' 

flQJk/ bi 

a- *J 5 -si 

jzsS r»t> 

rt firm, rv «* 

tutitma r«s 


«•« This A 
lave Kl 


, 4 United- 


An InvaliualiA 





Pltaianf £«ni«i ReveHes- 

-t.Cotuifl^llidicilsf • Jnd Mpiber* as Th^ Join fb? Home Circle, 
at evening TWe. 

■ i£' «*W» «* nftMunt »««U 

■Would ».yin Mguflo *£ {? At. «»Mi is nil ,*,.j SsSm 2d" f*'?', ?f lt f* “*» >“ W» 
erodd'd-' BUtew:^bejr are invaluable fe iia home ia 4i n, * -®»« worl^,,. & joyful Bplwri Y6u ^lii t|baa pre* 
cas«» m indigestion, bflfcwuitw*. Jclc apa wildornSf * ? U *i f^ los X ,ar *?<l to meat yo.U* Uuaband with a 
headachy etc. I would not be with- * / as suppose, grateful heart, and bo ready to apprecl- 

-♦“‘SSS 1 ’ 0 "' it SS^fS?^ zr„* ■*«•« 

Mflk MarySteven*. sociable eha«' f«r» « . S ,,° e a endured in the busmens world to .snr- 

tt. •% *•» Atwood* Bitters ta« »«d tie „2S 2 2" Jit IS” Iff’” f *5 .'” 

are the ■ my physida the great be™? w ? ^ l « ul ^ ** that his ift* m - « ot fa opnt Luaffly 

household remedy an thousands of) s 11 household pet* it is flattered harassed-lest Hs family exr - es msv 

homes~alwSys tod> always sate-d «d caressed as much as the most horn oncroaol, U n 0 u «S„S ^ 

ffi ^ ** *«*** * N S ff* » *f»* «* I ^ drat todiuit^yyS^SS^^ 

at ° N s - - »«: ;'<rt s i **25»,f *> «• w r «<, «u z«£ 

*>“ • 'ff* 1 *' Vwwi mVSS SStT'W’ww-S:^?*?- 

** «s^T^rss:,t S” fsr i; > 

lS - !'“ : ' vhU * It>«•» «i t». - mv..m :i wn« SSpSSS 

<MM WaW VIOOK SOKOOt, |5w i«(."tto”,S Jl'ii'I'S'jS £" 5tf 

! ,w !j: ' ;i t ' ■ fa '?!*■ 11 * M 't ttt least P«tw i« i» imm «hm* jmt ini”* **’ 

Wc ate teach *MeceeafUlIy by >orre choice of associates, for the httUUta of . , 4 

K m. 



K^V^Nf.yAV^hu’a!, ;-y. yv 


While no woman in entirely free 
from periodfc BUfifi iiig. lfc does not 
•eem to l*e ;he plan of nac6u?» that ■ 
women sbo«fc( aatfer a severely, Ir- 
rwnlnrities and pain as; |ositive - 
evidence that fotnethin^ wrclig : , 
wMch should he set rignl; Or ft will 
lead to aerlona darsngemeht at the 
feminine orga.n£imv 

.rhoUaends ot wonen, h s> e 
f< nd relief frOUi *11 periodic tfif- 
ferlng by teklnjy Lydi E, Plnk- 
hoin’s Vegetable Compound,- »M«i; 
is m&de from native roots npd herbey 
as it ia the-: mast thorough i*mal«- 
regulator known to aedloal ieience,.* 
It cures • co dltii i ’. 
causes so much dleoocjfo and: .robs • 


'•he cleinos arc not unf rc<lttcutly visited j 
by this wiley serpent. 

uaequenees ana be restored, to health ahd strength by taking ; • 

: .ydia C. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound 

£ io bola of' 814 ' eet sfnd Slrlet, Kew Torit Citg, 
! ,^ nk ha™:- women who ;jf m mid only rely 

m?rnvi i'd{* 5 - ^®bliam*VegetableCom^*nd th#irtroi * te wimld 
■ *W^W 7 1 f r «aWy:,i 9 '* bMd for, the relief - md health 

whlohhea baea;broughttojn e byjroUriaestlmeblf remedy.” . tfV 
■m*k ^y*|f***hle‘Cbmj; hi I W tli Oompfonte 

CU^totoi ®1 # P‘*«*“*®** and Orgeoic JDleeaeee. Bsfehe, 

J the Wh.>le feminine 

SThtem, jWm the dsrtagemeftti of the ffidneys of either ae* -Lydlm 
B.Plakhu'»V*gfaab fag* ie exc fe 

Mr«. l>lnkham , 8*5tandlnB*fnvit«tfbn to Wornon 


Uyde, Wkelcr Co. ; 

■ (it#r*hihh«a is*,,) ■ 

H Korth hiarket St.» Boatm*, bit&fr 

' 'Gtif g«t lop tiijurioH faent 'and' will' male* 
prompt rdums for 

veal — iamb — bobbTJty —Bees 
Butler aml Farm Produce. 

!<jxwt«, W*v jhjpplaj CAtilfSMte*. twa- 
tilt. <ic.{a/BttfwUjFR-KE, 

KCp *» S BtpitCVblf COMglSStON', 

Stop Thai Cold 

TO tOatkMHy cold* orOBpWwiiUfPrareoffiV 1 
BA*s*'ter» aa/eevfor; v/ Cat la. To ««oo* cold 
vJUt TtataoUCf UMlrr UiAO w Ut U urn aoC br 
ctlUWto oifo u *{»rw»nl». Tt). un>. vr*. 

-g ...V ,,v.» U a murequonny visited Curiosity . 1 ringnsm 8^18110101 fflVl^tlbn to WoilltI «* am P le *>y mail, 10e. Car-X 

ZZ-. . . \TartoSfv T%» ^ , W#lf nobte thuh tb^ do- 9 from,en»fo« of female wektamhetovlU to I ^ f ? mtcryieit^^ \ , 

i£5^ a !. S' tog Ami sn-b for babWlcdge;: bhthiUg iutch I ^^??^ h »“v*‘ L y“.Maes.Fromthesymptoaiagivin, thetiSuble I N0l®-4t-D 
r -■-. ' IT-,,, ' !,, ai)" ,y. I au d» but never ootil after »t has stnmk slmbhier thhn low ourlositv Wh-if. 1 >» ^ed ad ttmqeiekwitendeurest ^ay of ;eeorve»y »dv:: I ■• — ■■''■■■' \ : 

nAin rnu ini iirrn ita potettons funga to the most vital ,fuw *,. i-. i 

POULTRY : WANTED, dWb The very best physicians have !„!! l ° " S f’ at >ther9 ( """ I ^ . 

■ r }f W h l Tin.. . 11 n failea t0 fl ' antidote ir its snon xmi ’thS ZlLTT ^ ? V °''t ^ «e ;C harge § are that , ' ^ ,: W AX Nf^E.TE SCHOOL, 

' HVuC* mlcr Co* * m bU{f * :t?nlJ bc other pesmmma r ‘n V|s, wprld Anron B Vr «■ to: ;aagno wi'h the Ped- last and that: a airpe^^o bo # .A SCHOOL I^OB GIBLS 

J [ ” ■ ■- ^ v * m V do, not produce immediate IS ■> * W ° d *** ^ era " :h to overthrow the Jefferson ad- best rd do his b should u| State St ^Porth^ M P 3 

death; but the victim 110^^ ft ? . * d °° 3 not 8eom ver ^ to ministration. ••; e obliged to attend ,< ;C y dotal Nl ^ a ¥, Me ; 

iftKorthBteket Su, Bostoe, Mass.' njay be f(kV yWrs 0qo n0A v er f rc ‘ "^g^ora ia this matter ns A letter from. G. Criswpld to, Hhth> defection -with tUo si - f eav- Naa n Liy 'Jmrt ^ 

Can gd top oiariosi crk« and will make : from the fear of receiving nnothe" at- „ . ° y ; f ‘° US: This, mway is printed, in which the conspir in K out of t-li work n regard do the . ?' »' 0 eral an^ oU'eire PrnnaVntnW 

VEAL - LAMB - rOULTBlr - EGGS, Although these reptiles nr very m f[ ot th^rW c Hal rray was a federalist but that a^conlinlttco should Be appointed al] leading,Colleges. ;th y”lr be- 

ButtferandFarm Produce. numerous, and constantly venting their l*,ieh w« .tl4- W *v u '% ^f ^ teuld hpt senna for the alliance with ta do t& ; uatai work and that ^mds g5n8 g ept 24 19 q 7 

„ „ . ... , ilt spite upon some one vet thev mav ho °' T? * ? (>or ^ tho dwellers ip Burr, and exposed the pldt should bo raised to puy hp expe so of .< d . .1 

****«'**«' la one’s own dweninf for years and T‘ "f J 0CalU ’^ tar " Up ° R T, 1 ' ° tHr > Ik mu9t have a Sodsalioh these committees. He also stat that : “ScffA^ i 

Hfrtm* STWCriA'COMMISSION-, ' tf«t toe recognized, try to «_ tumbler, a"d at the time for the paper fd itnpOtatod f Wn CI ?» aeJ ffG 30 3m-S. 

• — — -3. . " •■•• __ Thev Imvo often he<m k„», m ,.T . .? **. th * *** 1 at *' r '' atl0n oS wlth Avritten marginal refotonecs to not been a^ment to make 1dm wealthy y U 

.^. , JKg W t , .g ggT-' . . best friend even the hands that SL 2 ln<? b J M hU Mm noorrshment the Jriswold letter. " £?* *at much of hi 8 own tmv q ,Ung , . . >, : , , : 

feet! them arc »o ways exempt. Bor K P ' . '■■■" ’ There is an. account of Dr Mortifi expenses in conncctiou with, his work . •£,. . 

__• i thOuBaiuls of years this snodes of san- *>. «... of Portland, Me., being attacked and had been borne by iiimsqlf, and ho Who Likes Lemon Pie? 

ClAi% Tkni P/vl J : mt baa- been nurtured Ld cherished Bor tfr<T - w , ^ 8 ' ' kiHed b *‘ a b * il! :^ G ^' ^ Cap! Bob ft? '- y ^formed the people that unless Yaa should try at once •‘CUB PIE^ 

NOD I nar I Dm -St **«»«•« amtumn but Who mi T-. T1, ° w4ter ^ bB made hi8 Preparation for delicious Lemon piea, 

" i Mil vIrlU;{ts atrecUonsc am not bound to any ode ft hud f nf ,1 i 0 h when 8 ier in severe language, and defies him stand * A lady. aays: » L will never again try 

■ and BO laws of the land are strain* v ^ ° bia j whr parnts to face the charge that ie (Bolsfer) following Professor Chapmkn } a nd- to mako L emon jn^;|n the old way while 

-Httfafa t0 fro, m, fn .. )w ! !„ anu imgrovea hjs form as you wu3 inhuman in bis conduct after the dress soycrarprominent members of the T C2a 8 et s OTJB PIE Preparation.*? 

Twtseitei UwkfcrrWwWu^ aadfi seattrffh , S ,V 1 , » wno pinetica ms affair, an proceeding with, the bull to Ussoelahon were called .upon and were Try it and you will say the same; At 

15 h' •«> «■ 

Wtttst teimsf visit ihi> i(L* Af ton f* - . i ! 5 , !*,^ corsets, giving no concern to the man so badly P cr f e ct />me plan whereby Professor . :.' . \ . • * * . 

That'* *hr thvy »m Tr* lUesT* ‘ that are gathered on the street . then ns If he had not b'6cn deform- goro g t jjaf ho soon died. Chapman can remain DifeCtof of the T ~‘ &J ^S. intelligent person may earn. 

1*S* ,-. * :ta * c »«. m , W M M b,„n„,d.**, «Miw»a«,<to »™* 

mAiikbr 10 ««> MWf c»r«% th thft afternoon who dcdled bor mouth with toimcco • - ,“r r ^ . 

i .■g*y l ^.^ fflaa »u»4.1 mt tSLjr. T » “ a! tett-rmiy, to the weulug social, and and. leaded the nli , f n maa - - accompanied by a wood cut, represent- - ■ • • ■■ 

fc iteaS % seewbatasmooth, aoftvoleo ithos, la arottes and cigars* who siauKored iu 8. a P or l y nmn smoking a p»pe- Does your backache! Lon you feel tireff 

i * fcW9a * " '^<*r~****d &* r« attmet httentlon. Ah! did you notU home Wyerel Se n wSe mJ^ESS ^ ^.bdltotidl and drowsy and lacking In ambition! 

^ Trhd-bofe Mgfa at “ ecu y K su, Derc It irnictbiag vkiig « 

£& Miitfc Nharpt XOirkcd tdfigue aa Ife Xor HquOt} ^vhb beta hlgk at 6atte iind ivl au- mntiv fVih Amivsfw * JLt * ^ sdj tlidro is sdzndtkiflg wjr disg irltfi DOMIN'OCABPS^-Tlio fifevr jiottad- 

uttered; tot bcuttttfill ptosed liorae ^nd $w&gg &9 liibnnd jtbe of today* ^ ^ pa ^° E9 jour kidndys. Del^itfe^ Kidney aad &&& that combines and oxcela 

^-rwS^oflTi alr<SOta ^ <3UC8ti0,iab,C ^mpanions! p'apcrs-aro full of interesting Bladder Pills relieve bacfekChe/ weal Canyaasers 

it I guess I'll Whit until another - - • ♦ • ?***:. At once we are sensible to the kidneys,, and anflammation of the bind- U)r sample game and particulars, 

mJ T ONE HUNDRED YEAES OLD. £nct . l wbil ° ‘l 10 ™ nr0 8teat chai, g ea dor, A week's treatment 25 cents, postpaid, 50,is. DOMINOCABDS Co/ 

The name of the serpent is slandof. . ' - -- .yot that there is nothing altogether SoI(J b Red CroS3 Pharma 1S07 Chouteau .Av C ;, St. I/ouk Mo. 

r k « to I AT> W w \ -r*. tv IlGW UlUlOr r.nfi SMTl. - ■ ct ^ * i 

| fie. Sppiatlte, loos of slrnagtfr, 
oess, headache, sonsdpatlon, ho4 hmulu 
feaorol debfiity, wur riwiifa, mi ;oatan§ 
a tha afonu ir< all fliii tn loilffipwlni, 
Kodoi relieves IndigMtlon. Thk mw iioor 
:. stf rapreaenta h« ootarul J^oo* iif 
.. Hon oa thay oilot In a booUby olMMfek 
Mfksal will th* fail 

•oaoMtnMittv* pr«pw«M. ~ ICodupi 
l gmtf emm ootmly tUne 
! iyseefas, b» ma ImmevM nmfat 
fags .at aiomeah treubiev by dimmfai 
\mgjfat, it M —“ffltlrJlg 

Bm t metnbrane* lining - 

.bwSbM wU» aowritomach for twoett mm; 
ga^.~ 4 mo m* wo . lUtofttVS 

KefaS ,D fgm f s. .Whst. .Yoa iji*,' 'i;'. 

M**«» fa*- *■»**•* IndlfcaMoa, mm ataMrfh 

WleUnv of taa, otc. . « " 

fnnn< fa .a-ta-i^wivT a oat, ctMoMaatf--■ 

■ Bower* k : >, Co. 


t ulekly ni permanently eureii 
Pcaema, Itcbibg Piles, Burns, dats. 
Stinfcur sad all skin diseases, after 
ill other- re; idles fail At Drugg 
TOc... .Sample ;by mail, 10c. Cbr-ix* 
Zema Co., Water « l«it, N. Y .' . 

HClO-it-D : . ,/ -v 


.65 State Sb, Porflatid, Me. 
Number in Boarding Department, 10 
Number in Day Department, . ' 60 
General and loliege Preparatory 
Departinentsi; Certificate admits to' 
all- leading . Colleges. Teath year be¬ 
gins %pt. 24, .1907 .. 

Mls» Crufield and BClas Lowell, : : 


' '■ . ' 

.< .{■ 'm 

in can remaii Director of the —intelligent person ma earn. 
•Is and be relieved of tha dxud- a ?uod income corresponding for news- 
hici he has hitherto been obli - P a P®x*i experience: unnecessary. Send 
mar. for particulars ’ Empire Press Syndi- 

_ _ , . cate, Middleport, N. T, 

., , ... N-10-2-3T—P; 

in ambition 1 ? 

Red Gross Pharmacy* Rumford hut i guess i'ii wait until another -: ; . ’ * ' ■ ■ , ■, .. 0 . 1 

rtiamiduy, numroro. timeJ , ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD. £nct t t ,at wIlil0 u . ,c 

t j .. Y v • 4 Tto uatxio of thfr scfpcmt is slandot* ~ 

hOSfc/ iflduntai:: 1,8 .^uogots Wc hop, it baa no abiding place in Mr. W. W. Virgin of Rumford Falls, now ‘'nderthesum 

t» feils* the home of any of our readers. The brought to the CITIZEN office recent- u&TWV t>a > a'rrTr 

* Circle department is the m % ». . ^ ^ r** 3 ** 

• (Wft*. iuropn*.i. llctmtu, tmnurv antidote, vet discovered for this vile the dates Of which ate respectively^ __ 

reptile OUd seldom fails to drive Jt April 11, 180ft . 9opti . IS, 1806, and AM Professor Ch 
^Sn?mS?Co«J!£rv i ** from tho homQ !t weekly visits. March 21, 1807, Tho papers were marl^. The 3 

JurorTR uul L . • • • With the name of Francis Keyes, an 


EtS rna «*i i!™ pFhM ■ • • • cd with the name of Francis Keyes, an 

aaiuiw peohj The True Wife, ancestor of Mr. Virgin’s, and one of 

— i - - —■ ... , By far too many of our young ladies the first settlers in Bumford, 

■jPj ^ WjCER:q - ™*rr without the remotest idea of the The Argus was in 1800 in its third ~aTt a' la^'auS'^dln^I- ^ l‘t our forests ate rapidly meltin, awav 

W^ p-Z rtgf f ,S« A and obligations that must be volu»d f and was publ.sbed by Nathaiuel ' Mtk mcetfn ® of thc PortIflnd fcst j vaI and in tnith to iuch an .alarming extent that the governmentTi^taS 

R^P J' ^ ai8char e tfa a wifc ; ^ what 5 » the Willis. It was a four column, four page cboru3 hcl(1 iu UlC y. M . c> Ai hall la8t steps tb event {t _ S ‘ ' l ° aC 106 g 0vernment is takln g 

BBc3B^! ^i^§5E^!!L ' xmm Neglect, estrangement, a «d paper at that time The front page of week, when It was unanimously We hxvc ntnr.liW tfie* rnntrnf of a 1 J 

-■■■ - ■ • • • Win. The true wife will not leave her April 11, 1806 number is taken up with votcd n0t to accept the resignation of ^ c °Etrol of a tract Of to land 

— _ , . v household affairs wholly to the care* a speech delivered in Congress by some ^he popular director to whom, the f. on ! am,n 8 ov< * ^^UUU acres of virgin growth and conserva 

IIIRT IRINl 1 DJft IU * m ° ve rieeing servants, nor will the congressman who was so well known auecC 3 3 0 f tb e past eleven festivals Liv^y estimated to contain - ( 

lun t unmu 1.111 ;ll*. ^ t<»ve Ur «*t. hd Whs mly mbmd -t« .due. Assurances were given O 77A A rnrrTe a! D..U 

-——, to the care Of others. We do not think Mr. Cook. JIis fame did not survive |; bnt a guarantee fund of not less 4j / / VjU#V vOl QS OT rUiP) 

Hrif This Alan'* Sufferings WouM any hvman has the right to marry ua* enough to give him place in tho ordi- tban $ 2 ,o00 will have been raised with* C/l Y AAA AAA. Eaa» ci«... I 

tlnvo Killed Many « Perabn, tH she feebi herself qualified to take nary encyclopedias of today. The speech j„ a £ oyr weeks, and this will relieve UW./jjVVwjVWW rCCl 99W LO^Si 

But Doan r d Cured Him. her plkee os miSDCS« Of household sounds much like oneof Booscvelt's at Prof . chapman of many duties which , We have organifea a company for the putpose 6t developing this tract and conduct 

m . , \ t ,. economies*—queen regnant of all that the present time, for it was on the aub* bo T io b tiy believes do hot beionu to "8 a lumber manufacturing business. The capitaltsation is one million {fi,ooo,Ooo) dol 

Thonsands Of grateful people art tell* mni . n Z nMlt i, ri „ bt ject of national defense an.l urvefi the ?* ?, U7 . oeioug to u divided into one hundred thousand shares si a pat Value of ten (Sio.oo'idbilars oadt 

te every &y how Boutfu Kidney Fill. ****** l P TSmdon rmZ 8 thc him, thus allowing him to give more subscriptions wilt be received for* limited amount of stockarKiffiS Tnm 

them Of dtefcsalng and dafigerou* whether in parlor or kitchen, even ns cx cns 00 {ho naV T* attention to the africtly musical part jtOcfcwiU Undoubtedly pay from 8 per cent to 20 per cent, dividends the first year. At* 

Wtey and bladder troubles Bhft should be q,ueett: regnant In the Wpacc is given a coramutueatiott from 0 g tbe festival. Fortiand Will have a ; ,a *t of shares will be made pro rata and in order received befor etio’cloek, nOod, 


And Profossor Chapman Will Wield 
The Baton. 

Business Chance 
a Lumber Investment. 

l ■ 

-- There is no better form pf investment to-day than in virgin lumber 

With prolonged applause and cheers Good timber land is exceedingly scarceand is being sought for, and map- 
Prof. William B. Chapman was greot- ped up by kit the big corporations. 

ril V 1 , — r ” ..’ — ----- *1 , , -- r . ’ ' It Was suggested by Mrh. Chapman, Calved. Wire, telephone Or Write your reservations at Once. Application b 

w WaiKiy -upotdfni fesdd -W. thero would be far less unhappiness twet or hiame. That also soundsi as who was accorded fully as generous prospectus furnished upon request,, We inyite the closesjlnspectioni 

fta<1 5a - hc riould Bob be ecu- though t ; last inndred years had not a measure of applause ns her husband, Cf I AXA/rADDA til, ir I iimhAC Aa • 

.. ate* toSSiL, m «...... in-. *>*» *> ”**Sf *w w i« mo***ufa**M«i*mm ®‘* wwrescs Htverij.. nber Co., 

Sitort* 1 ^twilit fa** isi a t i shfSdi M tte Jtfl.ftjdJr-ttjp Btc {ox C6hditi^h| ntticip {or his lofior ckdhisl giVB A cAntuta dutLofr tile • 

Ifcirin, '.*nrin« n, cve y rJAnarrylng for selfish inlereats-for deals with The wdd orijmblie land quea holidays, a part of the proceeds lo be 
i ds- m dcitler ci mall ^teith, amWUoft knytWng but Jove, 15®%and hefi^set tbo^policy of tege lbe benefit of the churches, and c 1 

itrfrfld . ... * .. *,...« . .■ W . a .. 

Address, G H, KNOTT, Tridsuref, 

; 20 Centriu St<^Bost0n> Mi* 

not think that husbands WOuld dot frequent the "club .** ; aV o anj discernment Of what with but one end In vieW—the festival 
any man efer room" and billiard parlor, as so many adds to th w m< happiness of i —was riot the most desirable thing, and 
hbtfefid as l nOW do> n0 f complain of extravagant ountry it is giving all the mcooragc* their Views met the approval oi all 

Could not step 
at night. I 
Could pot tide 

i .5, . V* W*V- XiA mv V* fc J tu jvru 

p * • * In the Sept. J8 «ue tt.nre are several , bo choni3 and mrangements will un* 

I To Young Housekeepers. foreign news Uerris, tho m. it lmporiant doiibtedty be perfected whereby they 

k. o. BrRAotnc, CoUld pot ride Be satisfied iff conimMeo on k email seemed to be ecrtniu military move- wilt dot bo rc'qtiifcd to attend every 
j- kkd sOmctlmea was unable even scale. It is too common for yOUUg ments Itt Spain. In it a, at the ot* jchearsal. Which would be exceedingly 
My condition was crlf- housekeepors to begin where their font of the itom, are these Words. "Per- diffieuH for many of fhemv 
Tk-ow-^ht/pc Uoan'kKfdhey Piilsi matbers ended. Buy nil that is nee. : ‘.-opa tn-:y are bohwd for the Missis* Professor chapman, who had offered 
tifa 1 ^ ‘ ,,c /, curtd cssary to work skillfully with} adorn *JpPV* The mllitAry law oi the United b i s resignation ns Director of the 

your house With all tte Will render States .s printed Its full Ir that num- oborug> was coiled upon, and in an eS- 
tunifort af nifw it eomfortaWe. Do not look at richer her. . tended addresft reviewed the work of 

tLirev.^W«»tpft»y part Of spring^ «P go a Slop iursner, «no v , “ « . 1° insure W tttUU success. 

’■ -Elates. Address' Fbsfcer-MiD the home if the suiteriug poort behold a Enme, N.> *« named Hathaway. q* b0 metnbera were reminded that it 
"• fedhio, .N, & Bold by sdi dark, ehecriess apnrlwetitf, ip Wdi;a- r ‘ptPB * _^gist 4 BVpipp 6 di *tpoi» him fe- .ntkhlptdfifb- 

Residents of Oxford Col nty. 

Oup ffiprddcntativo is HOW qalling on this residents oi 
d County. Wo hdVe the most coitipleto li;G of Pic- 
toe Mouldings find Framed Pictures In the Oo'titity hnd ofir 
prices are the lowest. We also make higli grade Portrait; 
in Crayonj Scpk } Water Colors &nd Oils. 

Kindly give m representative a 
trial order. 

You will be pleased with our Work arid our prices. 
Our ’.vork is guaranteed. 

L. G. WHITTEN, West Bethel, Me. 

;! H: t 

a; vav*-*- ***.!* «*• k-wv --J ' ' . ftt*.., ., . .. v . £ |.., , ,,-A| . L\ ^ i.-■*. r* *■•***• S '' ,W V nv^ f * v<*h«uvV i, ,au 

Bold by all dark, chccricss apart ments, 'h-Trhrouihont the ari he word plot has developed upon him to manipulate 
c boife Mt^deat clothing, and ahscsec of alt And . horrible comblfiatioii appeara in tho entire machinery from the first to 

C. E. TO LIV 1 A N & CO, Sputll Paris, Maine. 

FIRE INSURANCE, Pianos, Organs and Musical Md’s. 



The Rumfotd Citizen 



Getting Ready for Winter 

'' " Jsjiite of ill lio could da was pushed ,tofi comi>a«too to lift assisted to her 

°“* '■ ; ;. ,, „ . . ,, ., ... . . ■ toward, «ud jqBWMS to He flounder»r eC! i By %$t *tttilfeU$ » to probabl 
:IMft tbfi -jloajflftt/ tMfid. -Rift «C *>{ fiatoss. - j«^jp*r<iril litftISMto»--«iil p» doubt 

| alarmed for to security of its -when the mass of people became J 8 t, c suMt ♦^fepyktuat” m, she ^ 




:Sut**er|p'taoK $1.25 per yea*, M ad- 
. vance. If. not paid, in advance! $1.50 yrijl 
be .charged, - 

Advertising rates..' furnished on 
quest, ■ 

You are apt to think ®i yotir chamber When the first tdiiqh of 
wintry wfeather is felt. For a bedroom is a -Cheerless room unless 
proper Cold weather comforts are provided and proper' provisions 

Nothing afforda more convincing proof of our uUusualJp reasom 
.ble prices thari the complete bedroom outfit we have been able to 
make up complete,for > 28 . 93 , And we pay freight t<* any point in 
Oxford County, 

Look at these figures; 

privilege, for the plan will »0t quiot) to Scribe opened up eonvem* 1 giving the Sightseer 

succeed wnflt• to • -ww'iwwK^'»c«N!#t 8* *B* fid nf 

friauts that aovf control the world cxplatued that if toy w.wW | was toftkffli to »»yiWttg, 

[L converts t< the doctrine Of to«i» i« getontitwonhibca kimh ; Tlm^wdkvpMn witbo, 

tr ft piece of h if: 
sot,-look as if st$. 

without a look, st 

soeitdism or the masses become a 
hundred per cent, more intelli¬ 
gent than now. 

I ness, ftftdmuch approdated, ■ - ar >-- - «.* 

A big maft wttft aoisutro steftoiftf latter’s opinion that If ten dead mss 
on big brotv, and dotormiaatioft in the had bomt lying 0 the roadstdo ibt 
glanvo bo hot at the Sightseer, wld Crowd would hove kept on its way j c ,t 

^ tarn d g°t ont o’betof dotrh maky I the same. 

a too i o’ yourself, 1 * The Sightseer teas After seeing that lbs girl was wii 

the girl or the Scribe, ami It ?s tie 


. m enough reply loud enough » f k % 

** ” " . . *t . * ,1... f rwriirt ' jTOd ftE Id. fVsr r,*i 

oti her wny, the Sightseer resumed hi* 

iEntered as ssjcond-class xesII .matter at 
BtnnfoTd Fall* Postoffice, Ang. 9, 180$ 

' an d ' 

to ■.' 


The fact that Thomas W., law- 
son explained to to world 
truth about to 1 Amalgamated 
Copper do. two years tgo, seems 
to be togbtteu' by those’ who are- 
iiow such heavy losers in to 
slump of the stock, and to de¬ 
cline in the price of the metal. 


1 White Iron Bed 
i Woven Wire Spring 
i Soft Top Mattress 
J Oak Pressing Case 
T Oak Corn^odft 
I pr. Feather Pillows 
ft Soft COfton Puff : * 

18 yds. Matting ’ 
a Window Shades 
3 ,prs. Mttshft or pace Curtains 

fChe Sightseer recalls a former sxparf 
ence lu a acowd aud tells how he 

. am.M mmm*m j»g~« «i« w>» w**»- ft*.'«»*» “ % 

Out of it lit ^pjmeguenee ( Has _, , v ", ' ■ » m I vtanifii mtd bbg will, ft 'fttftft fttishftd tiftS ftt a 

new experi ith & crow mm ^ .* 1 W * ftft boftr oft more, C 

t, Encouhtsw the ftnm hands on £? tUe^«id8t i%« « though bo ititefttM to bait 

S" fin ow gjbu whether any mat » »an,-thing id hi* w^, ThoS ht 

1 m to ^ « «W Of his desire be cofid nfi ^ T 

' 13 ^AntrchTst^ ttU ^ tl, c tcmjmrury rCarraugcm C! v aftd ■ Thu xnan came on « !««« 

, ■ -'■■ stand suu the Sdribft fmatd himsfif ftifi ‘f 1,n ^ wt been 

the Sightseer has for », long* time neighbor to ft woman who looked wth f fL T ? ° f 

.avoided gefting into crowds, for he nor ^fisifie, and thOttgV sho regretted blf bfi ksowlog fto C^sh 
,,lv once got nearly killed In a firman haring endangered thft set of her hot f*« m *■* bmeed bimseW and m % 
^amb, but also lost the respect of a by getting into the crowd, Thfififtg ^ 

woman whom he never had seed hm he bad fofiid a sympathotfc sofi* the J»b wrist w»t; to rl^t shoaider &-...■ 

fore ana has not seen since, and would- Seribe ventured the remark, **m hfidfiftt half down, Jwt long earn# 

»;’t know tt he .sbottld see her, ' crowd nets like fools .* 1 The woman: to to to half Ooltefi Mft wttft. 

•Che occasion was to Brftuv trial In gkteoUt fimiiimi ftnapped ^ to man Strfigfiotmd ap W;,i 

Poston somt years ago. Cl rial was the only fool in the efow.L You've ^ look nf bmrildermoni rihat ph in l ? 
In the UfitQd States eourtund the court, made all to trouble/* miA * * 1 did uot kftow Jfi NJ My 

room wns very small, apd Imndrcds mado This was filing to SwtoY ewp of <ft a o rise on to 
frantic efforts to get in, and at, evety misery to overdo wing, hut. it «fi!y. marked: 'toi' ** v* fiOftri rs. : 

A. healthy man la a king of Ms own proved a Messing in disguise^ tvt If : «on_to VSW« W to. uw© m had lost 
fijjfrij an ftnbefithy manjaan unhappy: mado him feci so smaU that some how 1 6 S , wofid bo paid for. 
slave. Bnrdock Blood BHien ofilds he sUpncd thnnigli the crowd ftnd tUrtd' The poo. loose xUlo fright- 

np sound health—keeps you wfiL Ms escape. Wherein he was luckier tod, and to^Oribft sensing, to f Mi 
opening of tho court the corridors: were tfiva pram, who got a lifs soateseej tot to. Htwo KogBift thomiow under- 
packed with a throng of men aftt. worn* but there 'is no doubt that to Scribe 1 * gave Mm the w tor to 

Total Complete for 

$28 95. ’ 

We Pay Freight. 

Cash or .SriyJ . . Terms 

The death.of Gassic Chadwick, 
which bceurj-e'd Thursday st. 10 , 
•aTh t> mind tot, as- some say 7 
■that she was a remarkable,seheinI 
er. but that some men ifUling high 
and responsible positions; were 
lacking in a sufficient allowance 
of brains. The plans by which 
iMrs Chadwick swindled certain 
inen were as shallow as the gold 
brick svrindle. 


ciiiHisacdi m 

03 Usbon Sg ftewisioz, Sfe.”- 

oil: seeing 

0ighi^ex got 56 tfeo yrh& Bhvai % 

life tvna at One time in greater douge: i rft® demftndtng pnyme: ., fttfiled obJ 

pftgstjd: on, ivftvitfg hi* hand to .the hsH. 

It may ot generally re known _ 

that Count Rumfor (Benjamin ] *^*1 - 

Thompson) for whom this: town 
tyaff named was a man of scien¬ 
tific attainments’ and left some 

writings that are occasionally - — „ : v , 

drawn fromhw writers and speak- aasjon to say tot tore* failure; for to evident 

A Sterling Rsnge hasuo Eqftfi 

J appointed crowd on* duv, ftud finding This aftd a few other experiences, | ' ri ' fi iufieate tot list 

- tot it would be Impossible to .gftiu ad* taught tlm Sighfiocft to keep I» the reaft matteft <W* ftf M uuucuto 
mlttauce^ aud reaihriiig to stay la the pf a, rrowd. After tot thft 'Ssftlbu took fi lht 

crowd mcftftt gtot gpersoftat- discomv Those who am ht thu habit of wttfifi f ’*1 ;;a ® crowd posnss its 

fort, he decided to get opt. The dt- big the lmmaa animal 1ft his native 
! *f* elsioa was easy, but the .getting out : hauftta site aware that ho pipeceds as ' It* fi That imrwt* 

\ ; wns the liardto job »» i«r got up though he was the only thlog. i» to #W*f W hut say 

....... against. People were iso closely pack, world,- and that he was beat oa get* fiM will have it dhmo.W.fift»tftd that. h<* 

ed, that the .f?t^ movement of one’s ting torifit tot fire tot an fiftrm will fhre toy aro saclfily ifteUwed they 

* ers upon metapliYsacal ,and sped- velopec an. idea among all emsses that the writer did not know to anim ws imiWS? ibl^they were pres- bo nmg la for. »»«»! U fed, if one will watch the 

: ativc subieetsi fh to last Issue.;«£■ people, tot a person is not nn* hrst thing about to underlyinghard agfinsi fitor side. It the mfifortu«e of ite Scribo aftarvMfite mmux in which to-udB 

of tbf. Tfumsmitarian Beview fLos der any obligawOn to tell the truth principles of moderu socialism. The crowd, like crowds overy where, to be tm his way front BldlottriLfi to «#«»#• *a»»-to- taew mount, 

*. . „ / v 'Mddiu&B YValce tinder oato There has al Ror himself, the editor of to **» A-ufit in dfierfitotfin to presi the CltfEBN fiSce *tf »«» me ?*****■■ ^ 

"" h " *1 ' . j cn m-mxm ««■ * ftjKjfmn iinmurr n OITlJriSbf wot dAcirA ft* t* forward. Whoa the Slghtseof tttado a lafi week, and of Coarse hft OHceeutfirud: ’8 tot hbf |«eHSfti?oa to ofto to 

men quotes, from Gount Rtimford MT 1 1 m . backward njovcWoftf he wasrireatvd as to milt haada Oft -tour mad rash for opporitfc, and tols Irtfiiftcd to ifih 

Witii to purpose of showing tot Certain class, that has crystaliked clalistie commonwealth— he is .to ; 'au ’. apostate aad not ufiy was prevent. Jdlaacr. Ho was m» te« and jostled *W to wealing plftceit at Stns* 
■the Gount held to same viewsi^ a ' &m of religious system of much of an iudiyidualisfc to want *4 to* taking a backward step, fidlwhifi passing afing the Otod NB» *»n* FbM*. He hopes this will not bait 
to ; Beni amin Tkanklin did. ^ e Kef' J that to greatest sin. any- the community system- but to was pressed forward and given unnem*|imthwny, but manctgad to esenpte a »cri*' «ftefit te any ef to cafca wheat 
Prtn^t PirmfArd unnhend ia *ene'capa' tett'to truth system is gaining adherents cycry mT ? pashos, finally he managed to ] 01 a colHfion mull He fidewnik was town, ncr lhc feelings of any rcsta* 

^ ftBswn teial.-In *ty pd it is «.» ot tj.< Mghoi r'l'tf 11 '/___ 

'ftu oMigsd to quit ths crimes: [&«. f>fg **>“"«,»“: * otswWMdfadKtri- S», ^ 

.-W « r ,-..., N « , r» hmtr ■arlin a cmihrtl«^ fttir? wnll rirtt. Iifi fll llfift fliilf. lint V»rtrt»k i- i»-■-. ^ mJi; 12 - a HV4C u3UIU 8 « ^ K ii) ttol 1ROW J9 

l- k Hi. All fa.* 'i A ” ... 

He devoted himself to study ami low A’ho “squeals 1 ' andftvill not lie al life that has been thought out wade n slight gaim 

front the :utUfi on Howell 

lived in Medford* Mass., at to mostraeito, • ■: w a ®’ t , & 1 $ SVsifitoecv^«-js?fisfcmS a few were ftcnning. The Cho^ 

time this town was settled. It is The ease 011 tnaI was tllRt of a noi s ? ttnd 1U pwneiple or good m ^r* 1 ^Tscribc wS m £l*** Sightoft M was «ai package *«* 

not known that he ever came to Amman who complained of a cer- practice tot it will fail to sue- wfiu ton «s he U now £he is a ftcgfiar ^ *«**% &* &**■ to to mH order to day> 

the place. - ton top m Mexico, that she ceed, but because the foundation owl for wisdom now) and replIedJ M5 !* u< \ were * anB to tocast s d s=ssa=issssss 

' ... . .:. .v. ■’• claimed sold intoxicating beer to for it is not laid. The conduct of “That’s what I want; I want to got heir wads bowed a third of the dis* .. : ,,,,,;,... 

The Western Electric Company her husband. the affairs of mankind for the ah- out *” r *AVh«t in Satan’s abode are toc^ l® Ihft ground. ^ They etohed EVdryrion 

Mim pmmttoyum Mte-I. ffl» teifaaa, ft mmllmg sohte bomfitot a« whole people: S S.f» ° no ^ 

phone apparatus used by to Bell witness, was the man to Avhom requires a far higher moral and tUt u dia not kno , n nTltl 5nU , naled a to lose her footing and fall-tot is, Must |MH 

Telephone companies, and suppii- the extra admonition was given, intellectual standard than now ex* willingness to be called a foot for be* as nearly a» a woman ever falls. She M* * 

ed no other companies or dealers. The man seemed impressed frith: ists in the world, or will, for sev- lag there. sat down on the sidewalk and as she A finnvcu 

stock "Om MM.** A preparatioa 1* 

as nearly ns a woman ever fails. She 
sat down on the sidewalk and as she 

They are now making a new de- the solemnity of the oath, and eral centuries. 
parture,_and selling to any com- avoided telling any lies, although The Journal, among other 
panv. Just what influence he would not admit that the beer things, says “Socialism runs coun- 
this move will have upon the tele- he got there was lager or porter, ter to natural law and places the 
phone business, it is hard to say. He did admit it to be a little Bet- worker in a privileged position/ 1 
The Western Electric Co. is prob- ter than the ordinary Uno beer. The idea is that the Capital in- 
ably owned by the American Tele- under which name he bought it. bents the natural right to the 
phone and Telegraph Go,, so that While we must admit there are position of privilege. The fun* 
the new* move can not he regarded many occasions where cquivoca- damental purpose and effect of 
as in any way jeopardizing the in- tion and deception seem to amount socialism is and would be to make 
terests of that company. It is to a virtue, we hold to the belief privilege an unknown thing. In 
claimed that the effect frill he to that a man or woman who will its conception of the purposes of 
lower the prices of competing com- deliberately lie in serious matters, the new doctrine the Journal is 
panics making telephone appara- as for personal pleasure or gain, wrong, and in its read between 
tus. in the prdinary relations of life, the line idea, that capital has the 

Wbftt -a to matter with the Bun}* will also lie when under oath, first call, it is faulty in its econom* 
too ybiis pajmrs this week. The Whether any snore effective ic reasoning. Capital is and at* 
Times reached as miatts. «a ed|tdriftl foint of onfh, or different ktylc ways has been second person in 
page, while /he citizen came to m of religious or jnoral teaching can the economic duality. Labor 
with half ef Its cdlteiM page tarn <mt, be derised to promote truth tell- created capital and capital only 
JfinT be seafted gentlemen, U* a have fug, We Will not attempt to say, : can ekist, us a potent force, m 
to benefit -st year editorial ttfodne* The purpose of this is to call to result of Tabor, 
fions^—Msbon f5oia-prta», attention to to fact that ft is in-; This principle is no more to be 

We will inform the Enterprise imicaLto onr social and family controverted than to earth ek*- 
that the Times submitted to the institntions, and at times makes a istril before vegetation^ and that 
rawhiding administered by the farce af court proceedings, and vegetation exists because of the] 
Enterprise without a word in at* $ underminiog the foundation of earth. That for ages the Intel* 
tempted defense, Nevertheless it jurisprudence. ligenec of the world has been in 

came out last week proclaiming ....,...: alitance with capital, and that it 

that to Republican candidates „ really controls the affairs/of man* 

for governor next year must be in THE LEWISTON JOURNAL IS kind is a fact; and one that seems 

Thu man, who was directly behind looked ftp to see what bad happened, 

the Scribe, then began to pftsfi The Lhc smiled-wll it 1 * only a twernm 
Scrtbo resented, nnd in ti second tbo} . - . .. . * . , 

eyory IlMnaCV f.ti’ft 

One HtUn L./ ititiJ 

sr iisjiifS 

nv NUsUraoumY noui:m 

AWH of “0-v*sie»O3P* tp??3 Va '•% 
* * Tate,* **i.*w* Ur^uintzi 

tr.tnt o{ Bar.V FissSW’ ‘"fuft MOatraceiry 
-Cyp&t#Ce4e, M f»-, 

whole -crowd was seized with the push* 
tug mania, and so far as the Sight- 

that the Scribe makes when he says 
“smiled ;* 1 but let that pass 
The other girl# were only halted for 

seer could sire up the situation, it was a ijraef moment, and muttering some 

to crowd against him—literally speak* thing itt n tnogue unknown la 

AmMio»t«f «4Mtt*tAk tofotwaito),##.. 
»WW low o»f«e*tkt".fta-s <*t sUtSss nsi&ftt 
<ftiir('-M!c«mt:i3 tfc# SiftKCtaiJ Vc?iJ. 

Cloth, «*»., *v-rl*’-f-j # ; 4MO iitti, 

JPa* $#!# iy 6it juiUttt 

DANA ESTES & GO, Publishers, 


fig the crowd was against him and in I Scribe, they went oa their way, leafing 

N C 10-23 i t 8 

Y OU want the best overcoat your money 
will buy, of course; and ’■best ’ 1 means 
all-wool fabrics, high class tailoring, a perfect 

fit; and the style that suits, you* 


’« ‘V 





'ic£r - 

Here s the Hart Sefciffner & Marx C hes- 
terfield; lt answers all the requirements e*x- 
cept possibly ti e last; you Gan settle that 
by looking at yourself in the coat. 

favor of prohibition and the strict 
enforcement of the law. No won¬ 
der the editorial sheet was miss 
lag from the copy sent to the 
Enterprise office. 

GKAPPLING WITH so* to the beneficiaries to be perfectly 
d* proper. 

a&M ike exam fint ™iw: 

Mtolioo id ttefMt iidt " f”otr«Oiiios ttel the »<W 

fm of weUta, ft sc te “ ff »“•««' * «.** 

fb. r f °tod>- to abolition of privi* 

LYING UNDER OATH. forced upon to people of MaineJ^-VT W4B *TT W " w 

] we have noted several of the h 1^ to specml classy mid m 

Recently when JndgcSf earns ad- tig papers to be now and then grap- V otS(m l )0 ^°to‘ n « * 

ninisteredan oath to a witness, pling with to subject; end last Df !l e mgreenble 

he departed from the usual ens- Tuesday the Lewiston Journal had ' • ■ d all havu 

tom, and spoke to the man regard- a Column and, a half editorial up ( ! e iime T rnftat)S f 0f , pnriuing hap* 

ing the solemnity of au oath, tmv m the subject. The production ^ in 5 S3, In , s rt ‘ , ldoa U 4? 
-*fa-... ... . ..early aosnel that all should share 


Since The (TTISEN first called 
attention to the fact that the sub* 

Recently when JndgeSiearns ad- 

lege for special classes, and in 
every person performing his or 

This style suits a large percentage of 
wearers; it s dignified^ dreE$y f suitable for 
any and all occasions. If it doesn f t suit 
you we have other styles that will# 


aought to impress upon him more was well written from an aeadem- ^ ^ g08pe ' * ( ' s ” s ^ e 

forcibly (he obligation he had ic and grammatical view* point, rtIik<4 the ^wdens find benefits of 
taken to tell the; truth. but as far as throwing any light the community is the only sotn- 

The circnuistone'e gives us oe* upon to subject Went it was a tion of the great economic qne«- 

Copyright 1007 by 
Hart Sch*fficr tff Mark 

New York Store* 

Rumford Falls, 


jobs MvGroggi 


jjr. O’Brien tl 
in town last 

Waite B. C‘k< 
j S in Boston h 

Miss Agues tl 

VartatJ JsmeKfi 
nl .Sunday W»tl 

\lr. and Alts, H 
fiay TfUit Hr» 

Sir?. W. L. Ok 

rnham of Atlltoi 

PBu Ladles AM 
cliurcli was eix 
neon by Ain 
pcftdfc street. 

kiss Aylvin Kcl 
:- duties m fieri 
after being nb 
isofi of Illness. 

[be fitle soft ai 3 
: wLo baa bet 
tre ease of sors 

Ins, F. ,F. Bsxrtl 

r:e and Lacillo 
h Runsford Cent 
i speeding ft fci 

In Juba Xye of 
j oft fa 
iv. ttfidt wilt di 

t t arislian Eni 
ford Fails will 
right bjr tie -0 
tf Mesii'o, lit 

8 ladies of tho £ 
x are LeKling c 
I and serving t 
esUrlasnajcnt 1 

« sftfit nctioc 

Vo buys? 1 

In « 

assisted to % : \ 
& »M probably . * 
?'» doubt wb«», ■; 

! etc. she was 1 
* piece of ber ) 
look a* jf sfcg, ... 

i»g- i 

Umnt ft look at J 

»«d it i» the - 
left dead mea 
e roadside Use I 

Oft ftg way jifjt 3 

t girl was welt 
ter resumed id* ; 

some. rusMt:» 
a or so, ior r.<.; ■ 

I looked ahead 
proacblng. J«w ,-i 
jntmtiec to the 
out at a speed 
or wore, head, 
tended to holt 
The Sightsee?- 
ne to- brace tt>t 

Ithool a pause 
not been, pr$. 

SR' knocked .oft 
tha dash ta*. 
cK and *4 % ■ 
t fellow by the 

t shoulder aed 

*t. long ccoBgb 
lift- WltS. 
bteood up wih 
if that plainly 
there war asy 
The Scribe r*- : 
! .ho would. Jet 
(ft# he had lost, 
lid bft paid lot 
l a little fright* 
jiiid.Ujg the ffttt 
in fallow under* 
that the Serib* 
% smiled acd 
and to- the hah 
[teat® that the 

♦ took to- the; 
rd possess the ■ 

fd that hmaao 

mis,** bait say 
teated that, he* 
Inclined ’ they 
ill watch the 
which tlie mill 

ii «**• by «ay* 
i is of tea the 
•Jilted to rush 
places at Ras* 
I# wilt not halt 
to cafes about 
of any rests* 

fd will be glad 
ra now bare is 
preparation la 
iking leeawU,. 
pics. Bath 16 
pics. Be sate 

H l n '» 

isNh/ * 

* * ** i 

fiat**** a-* •«* " ¥ * 

ittitd i 

. a * 


ferft Vt 

, 11:1 - C i *- * 

(. MftftSfftHyr? 

*»5f t*i* surtssrpxeyi 
■ t5»ai:<!.»5 va>— 
seuo i>«t. 


C 1013 4 is 




: Ches- 
its ex¬ 
it that 

tage of 
ble lot 
L 't suit 



m AND 

John MvGregger was in Boston last 

W 0 Briar the light weight, boxer, 

!tS in town PM week, , 

Waiitf St, t’hadwiek spent several! 
| TS in Basina last week* 

tstiss Agnes St Russell it spending 

w cek at her home In Portland. 

tothaft .lsraelson of Livermore Palls 
j ot Sandfly with rels riven la town, 

Itr, and Mrs, Batch of Mexico, spent 
.jay with- Mrs. Itftleh’a parents in 
Hi Pern. 

Mrs. IV. L. Chase andfiMrS* S, A. 
ivahaw of Aid ton, were In town shop. 

ig Wednesday. 

fee Ladles ’ Aid Society of the Bap* 
t ehtireh w«# entertained Wednesday 
eiBoira by Mrs, Walter Hicks of 
Kcosk street, . 

fisa Sylvia- Halley has idtuzmsd to ; 
'.duties as clerk foe the H &» Bay 
; after being absent several days: on 
r.ant of illness. 1 k - 

U litlg sob of Air, and Airs, Andrew 
!', whs has been suffering from' $ 
itn.m* of sore ihteat,Jr mueh -bet *.' 1 

is. Y. P, Bartlett and the Misses 
;ie -sad Ladllo returned Sunday 
| HftBiford COfttOB where they have 
t spending ft let days, 

r. John Kye of the Bftfttford Kovel. 
BatJ’Ms eta ring Co* went to Port* 
on bftsiftm for tho compuiy* Sot* 
y, which will detain him for sever- 
: 6Cks* 

■#.. - - •-.- - 

ic Chriitlan padeavox Soolehica of 
feid Palls will bo enicrtfttfted PrI* 
sight by the Ooftgrcgtttfoftftl. Soc<- 
« Mexico, in. the parlors of tbs 


e hHk$ t£ the Smithvillo and Persi 
x are belding a sftlo -of fancy my. 
s- sod sonrlng reffpgkmntS:; today, 
estertaiataent. will b« provided 

1 . MeEwfa, at .Mexico, ond prom 
in the I. 0 . B. %tt has gone to 
sdlt% lit,- where he has accepted 
"sitka «$ foycHnvp it* ft uiftcbine 




Infants' Winter Wear ‘ 

Also Misses’ and hildren’s. 

A properly clothed child is the foundation of the strongest 
ype of manho< d and womanhood for years to come. The old 
io iod of “toughening” children by half clothing them is fast be- 

C °T ! f!f ° bSOlete ' The best way to bul{d a strong constitution for 
child is to clothe them warm, warm enough to take them out of 

oors or send them out to play where they may fill their lungs- 
with pure air and exercise themselves With absolute comfort^- 

w notit a chill or creepy “goose flesh” chasing up and down the 
spinal column. > 

. And how much less it costs for proper underwear, stock- 

iri 5® and Jter Wraps, then sending them to open air sanitariums 
When the tuberculi has got a foothold. 

3 e ^ defers and F otectors o Strong Constitutions. 

I HUNDRED IME Alia* Margaret jrorl^fwlth hexyomig- 

• "' ; ; friends were treated to a very eajoy. 

tut InUIPC ubie frolic ou Satuidiiy afternoon. At 
• I III AUvIULi lm,tf P aSit one twelve of the young 

.. people started from the yillage for a 

straw ride, with Jlr. Balpb Peabody 
111 If IB 8 SSffi llCP ; as driver. They drove around through 

* Bbelbftitfft, stoppiftg Air, Aibrert Barys 
■—* •! i^berft bo»d«ctc.d'l>y Mias 

Hime Made mixture is Easily Prepared.irt nnd 1{ L V : ^ t0 th « 

Tune IV k HU ’ dtnnig room tastefully decorated Uh 

uireS Weal leys. autuiunleaves, Where was spread a 

' -V ' .- . i:-; bountiful feast tc which the hungry,, 

Mete is ft simple homc-mnde ftjik* meufty young people, did jttstiee. They re- 
tare sie given by an emlhent auth,orityj su.u]td tlieff homeward way with sheers* 
an Kidney diseases, who nmkes the and shouts of jollity. This was a good- 
statement in a New Bork daily news*: bye frolic fox gome of them ns Miss? 
paper, that it will relieve almost nny Margaret expects soon to join her paf-* 
llse °f kidney trouble if taken hi ents an her new home In New’ Sharon., 
fore tbo stage of Bright's disease. He —— — — 

States that such symptoms as lame If rCiix eoflee distwfbs ybftir Stomaph, 
back, pain in the side, frequent desire your Heart or Kiafteyh, then try this 
to urinate, especially «.t night; pain* clever imitation—Dx. Shciop's Health 
hi- add discolored urination, are read* Coffee. I3r. Shoop haft closely matched 
}ly overcome. Here .Is the receipe; try old dftva and Moca Coffee in flavor an# 
i taste, yet it has not a single grain qf 

Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-lialf real coffee .in it, Dr. Shoopi.s Health, 
yunee; Compound Kargon, onci\ounce; Coffee .Mitation, is iiiade from pure 
Compound Jyrup Bavsparilla, threft toasted ’grains or .cereals, with Malt r 
onneeg. Taiu a teasponful afto Nuts qte. Made in-one minute,: No» 
ftc ' meni and »t bedtlnie,. tedious Jong Waif, You will sure] ;, lik** 

; -A. well: known .druggist here in town It. <5ut- a* free sample at our tore, 
is authority hat these ingredietug Rea Ckoss Pharmacy, 
are all; harmless and easily mixed at 

home by shaking well in a bottle. This »■ '.- 

mixture has tt peculiar healing an< Bf 

Soothing effocf upon the entire Kid j |S 

ney and Urinary structure, find ofUn ” ■ 

overcomes the Worst forms of Bheu- ” 
matism in just a little while, - This 

mixture is said to remove all- blood saf e* half thotabor.nihou^-clcnln**. Rues, 
disorders -and carp tha RheumatisSi draperies and hansinas of all sorts arc won* 

v.„- .ii. . T.-- 3 - „ i derlullr freshened—silks, laces and ribbons’ 

forcing the Kidneys to biter aftd i<aakiikainc# andall kinds oLspotsdisappcnr 

strain from the blood and system all ahiy°“ st il ji U |Srs t<S d ‘l licat< 54 i abrics °1 reason- 

fine .acid and fpUl decomposed- waste : Hpcsewfres find )Ey*p«rO indkpeasable, 
matter, which cause these affii.cti.pns. NON-EXPLOSiyt ' OW>liLEsS' : ' “ 

Try it if you am't. well. Save the NON4NFLAMMABLE 

. Trie® 25^, at aU {rtpres^or iTnot 

preaOTiptlOUv ? Uin*l?le. send t<? £VAFKKOt; 

Children’s fine knit sweaters in White and colors, 
“*• 50c. to $fl,50 

jEftfants' and children’s wool knit outer pante*, White and black, .. . ' 50c. to $1.50 

Infants"and children’s woolknit toqnes orstock- 
ing caps, wonderful head protector* 

25c and 50< 

Infants* fine wool stockings in all colors and 
white and black, 25c. 

We also have them at a pairs for 25c. 

Infants’ all woo! fine jersey ribbed under vests, 
button down front. Smaller sizes, 42c., 

next sizes, 50c. 

Infants* in if socks,: also those of Outing and 
wool flannel, cpld cannot penetrate, 

Infants* crochet pettieoatS; very warm and 
healthful, 50c. 

25c. to $1.25 

Infants’ fine wool Crochet bootees, 

10c. to 50c 

Infants’ silk and wool undecyests, 

: . 75c and $1.00 

Infants* silk undervests-, $1.00 and $1.25 
Infants’ all'wool bands, *‘590. 

Infants* silk and wool bands, 50c 




save*'half the labohCjl.houtc-clean Inir. Rues, 
draperies and : einRS of all ts are won* 
derlully freaheded—silks, laces ana ribbon? 
look like ncW and all kinds of spotsdisappear 
without injury to. delicate fabrics of reasoo- 
ablr fast colors. , 1 , - 

’ •' 'Hous'ftwfies hod '-Ey»p«rO : maiepeasable, 


Fries sse. at aU Stores, or If not otvH 
Utnsble. send to £VAFHRO, Tne..K^HM|S 
Itocklaud.Me, KrnefltO. Da via, Mgr.H 

Misses^ Sweaters—Misses' Coats—Misses’ Fur Sets 
Misses' Healthful Underwear, Misses* Proper Hosiery, 

11 Children's Outing Night Robes. 

Everrett K. Day Co. 


Rev, E, W. -Webber was eaiied Tues¬ 
day to Eixfield to attend the- funeral: 
of w, E. Hammond's son, aged nine 
teen. The young man was quite well 
known in Ruraford Falls, having for* 

! merly been employed here., 


Valuable Wain Reliever that u Capc- 
clriUy Needed Yaw, 

Wherever there is pain, there Is, a 
nerve, and thta explains why Neurni£»ic ; 
Anodyne is of Value in ao many 
troubles that aro seemJnsds quit* dis- ' 
similar. From chilblains to rheuma- 
tlsm, including toothache, headache, 
neuralgia, colds, spre throat, cuts, 
bruises, sprains, and ih fact every ache 
or pain, the Anodyne Is of the greatest 
v luc, Its principle of cute is different 
from hat of the Ordinary liniment or 
ledictne, as small doses are taken In¬ 
ternally to soothe the nerve centres, 
nhd It is also applied externally, giv¬ 
ing • ocai treatment to the very spot 



— 7 -—; Mtft. -ttaxold ha# been quite U St, Yeilltmx has been appointed Frank EUinwood 1ms left the cm* ,acaI treat ment to the very p 

7°^ ^ ? :Bar , Wflr ‘ IB during th« past weok. agent for the Spring Garden Ins. Co. ploy of W. 17. Gilerest and will not 't”. *,°5, ene33 ’ 

t T art T^Tkr 1 r of EhiladolpMa. work at barboring this winter, He M win 11 

s rriarntd Monday from the Miss Chase returned Monday from a going into the woods. His place is El* aches anu painn it fcA 

h where they Lave been in mmp visit to her home fn Portland. Rev. E, % IVobber will give an il- 1ed by y ttCob Vershon. . Sot® e n?i|e«, ae ft ‘gfe^ntfsfaetlon 6 

g th# past week. * - ■ - *- . lustrnted lecture Sunday evening at the _ . . FortlamT T ^ricnell-ChttmpHn Co.) 

_ ,, ——— Mrs. Peter S. Morrill has gone to LniversalTst church. Oct- 14, .Deputy Sheriff Elliott Beized ” ’ * 

f. * t; , nceompaaltd j, cr former home in Waltham, Mass,, ——- from the Hoyt Express Go. a package ” 1 ====■= 

-ftttd Mils f nv n short vislL Tlie ladies of the Baptist church have containing live quarts of whiskey and ............ 

nar&arat, we»l Sunday to Cole* ____—, {received many compliments on the ex- one onart of bmndv. The box was 

' -dAnM - : SlJNDBI; 188ff : ' 

Pnmf)l and Ubcral cMm payment 
- hear k Continental Diiicics jupulac 
^ MlcUtg of posUitv protection for^ 

' all risks 'at west {iticcsL—^r^- # 

acwbyts WAUTJJB. 
Continental Casualty Company, 
HOB Michigan Avc., Chicago, 111- 
N. 0, 10—0—37 t. 

The ladies of the Baptist church have 1 containing five quarts of whiskey and 

barharat, went Sunday to Cote- -—- received many compliments on the ex- 0 ne quart of brandy. The box was r 

Ii, where she Will spend tile Master Robert -Tohnson of Bryant’s jceptiounlly good Harvest supper which ,narked fpr Alfred Robins, ¥ 

f with Mr. ElllRgwoodt Pond, is visiting his parents, Mr, and | they served Inst Friday night In the ’ )♦) 

_—. - Mrs. Robert Johnson. fvestry. I x... ._t.. -*, 

sft Eatherino F, Hoyle, who has 
hi at her home In Brunswick for 

Four handsomely bound Volumes of y 




fiction have been added, to the Public 
Library through, the kindness Of Miss 

I 49c. Forty Nine Cents Each 49c. 

wai her home in Brunswick for Mis*Edith Flagg entertained a party Lester Cowan returned Friday from "T° p ,Tv Tn» rt v « J « HiK. rO/TV Nil Id CCfllS 

r *ir weeks, returned Wednes* of friends Monday evening at her homol business trip to Boston, Mis. Cowan, t T S Z, , , > , , ' 

feaa has resumed her position as on Franklin street w«o has been visiting her parents, Hr. J dna ,^TJ' Th l | The latest books from the 

, j, B, Redmond left Saturday for K^m? ? W Fali,m IdhP;*, and Mrs. Hopkins on ^ • HlOSt pO P 

. i n »i Sl “ r,nkle,f man 8avcd Mm ' Boston, cn route for California, where her Travels-*. | - — — 

' ' Waited upon by a mob ho will spend the winter. | Franels EaW and Charles Ripley re* - - $ S^ar.j^KShSt^i 

popular Authors. 

•iheg cut the sprinkler Monday 
'-ft,, n, little .Into bat in time to 
entire road' way .from being 
!, nsay. 

i turned Tuesday from Beiteview, Rich* The man or boy who pulled in the j J*{ 

They are Here for Your Inspection 

contraband goods into the village and j 


h a «* «‘*v. dameft Boyd nt'SfX v , . i,lon Yat h ^. pr ^ 3<3 f cosks R»««e. 

z*z ,• 11 X ^srSti.-ErS ? «*. p tiir s *•* 

“■itiw-Ma ws»”n pJX 9 1 |»»f. Mrt. Bo,»t!o of Br,n»l'« 

.- inerson. | Pond is the guest of Mr, and Mrs, John 

^mtfmrnmrn been spend- tmB A a^ SSTS ®Um Yellow if elei !v ^ £f 

^ trlMb Mr. Demmilt 1 m on corner, visited the c ffleC bp f th ® K I & ^ t 

‘ J He iMwwtlwftl Paper Pomp; S ? ? ? 

Hr Basion to y\&x mum*, |T aes aav * FMa ‘ 

m tnit be joined laier by Mr. . .■. . 

ats hetorv going to EaUfOrnlft* ——. Mr. and Mm. A, % Williamfttw no* 

they ietend to make ihelr home, 'tbe candy *dl® keld Saturday aftev* jnst Thursday from Farmington, 

* dagdes. noon in Rendairs stors by the % I wbem they have been spending-some 

. , .. C. tl. of the Universalsftt ehnrcfc was time, and are preparing to leave for 


p Lester Cowan. Prop.* : £ 



id , ja very auceetsM alfair, {Florida, Where they will spend the 

^ *fg« : was bound >ver to . . ...... winter 

ManrievMeHenald, flem Swpt, Maine ‘ 

'■ym rn Central R. R. and K C. Manchester, Miss Phelan of Pittsfield ,Mas#., who 

ril «t juin It u L? i AMt, Snpt* Motive Power, both of Port* j* a guest of Mrs + Gleadon ^/Stephens, 

{Florida, where they wm spend the 

i winter. 

:VprJ t l ' delighted the Bnnday audtoft at Hr 

ri wiihiTrawiuo the m. niaint* — .m Metho(|5«t ehurch with her singing. Miss 

St serious BAtnre ef th* Everett K, Hay retnfned Monday Phelan Is the possesor of a fine eon* J 

s *ai, ^ ' eompanied by Mrs, Day who had mu * i * . i*. *- — *** ■ 

... ^ visiting relatives in Boston. lit the list of assistant superintend 

hto K(i ■ n * r , r *■-»** ■ * on is for the Metropolitan Life Ins. Co, 

ffie pie era*V 8 friigg$iag Mr. and Mrs, Thomas MeHanghlin infifftltSe oi fiaslfiess for the year 

T proomttt, and now r^milv ef Roeklana. Me,, are gnesls i. them tn wwei.'. 

land, were in town Tuesday 

s «’an<l) ^n 0 wi t ^ tI ,rin < ^v. 0f ard oud. Hat of names. For the month of Sept. 

^ — his name is first, Per September, two 

'h^mt When the SE A. t. Prisbie, who has been Itr m other Rumford Palls, agents came In 
^d* uppf-,wance To ml f rhw cmnlov of tl Boston & Maine R. R Hr prizes. Andrew Ruff earn® in or 
>mn t lh * . 1 Hivisionv for fen years, fifth and George discs sixth and Geo, 

ft i «fIT£ tt «hfo£ f S rnSSt wm be 

s«s v * mm 3 raTaSr** Ms ** 

f t wr line you wi nf and want in a hurry and don’t want to 
tome to town, send us your wants by mail 

If Goods are not what you want yoat money back* 

* Very truly, 

Gonya Bros, Co., 

R . ‘ 

8$ Congress St, RUtafOrd Falls. Maine. 

FoOtwCeib Clothing Men’s Furnishings, Hats, 

Trunks, Etc. 




Hair Dresdng Parlors, 

Next Door to Post Office, Hartford 


Bumford FfiB% Mala*. 

Gleason & Blanchard, 

Attorneys rtLaw, 

-Edwin H. Gleason : ' 

Lucian W. Blanchard 

Branford Fsrtls. Maine. 


Gtyil Englnwf sad L»n<i Surveyor. 

All 'work^promptly and carefully’ done. 
Office, over Bartlett’s 75 Congress St 
•Residence .9 Hancock St. 
Bumford Falls, Maine. ■■ ” 


»The Week’s News as lathered hy our Special Correspondent. 


is Obsened and Told By The Citizen Reporter. 

urn ypwwiH) vvn vwjitiHMviiii B aUentlpd Rebeknli A L * M »* Kt’WP?*. *•£ 

■ S rtlSiSi ft week. gaged la plumbing W* ** W *’<* * 

. ,»4 to omekr«»S’ t« im ofw. a 

More « * tens *»»»« Mby gtt. ; • M- -v_ ‘ 5. „ 1 ». c. of ButWoM.«« »•*>"* “ 

Mis*BealPtertatnediJcy softer andr ■ Mrt nufl. Mrs, Dumphy are tecyproud; . m»y friend* \* TW f* „ *wimsi*»T„, «, . 

sister of Auburn, one day last W#k; "possessors of a germ Round tatey* girl, ,, will s«end the win C" Caldwell of BuekfleTdj WOte pained to . , ^ 

The Grange Circle met ta : Tuesday Mr Geo. hi to* mother, is ^ **' d£ * seriou d«Idetrt which be A ^»$®*f**£* JT,, W 

ut Mrs. Fred Heasoa’s for an nil day for her. ^ - yfrs L A Dims anil graudaughter* Ml him last week, When hU Itorac^bC* W 

meetiug and a large Mnouut of work Miss Mabel Morse, who 1* boattlirtg at where came frightened at m imtoinobllc, . : ,. „ ., Ma * | 

was finished up and plana talked over B, 0 . Dorr % ewterteto# h# mother A _ « ,, w , * , llrtRS s«nd death throwing hint out and breaking a leg* , .. fir !"?**** 

for their fair v.-hieh comes tho 16th and and Sister from Portland over Sun- * e - v * .. . Mrs* X. Reynolds and Mis* Maude 41 ' ' 

17th of November. Tim next meeting day. • ° D C^toafandWe ofi Strickland’s Ellis returned tows «»® first of the S?£c ^TY 

is to be with Mrs. A* W. Wukeficli : The IJuioh meeting of the C, L. ' ' . , A , Richardson A week from Boston, where they hdve PromptjRxtum* u Too Mad# Pdco. i 

Bar. E. M Baris, State Missionary* Societies of Rumford ill and Mexico ^ of ftwe£ been the past week 

has been holding sp«M meefipp: for postponed on account of the death of .. L. _ , n ’ . tror( t Mr. nml Mrs. Gham Warren of Au- '■ y®^4&’TRV'Ql ( ’* 

fhe F two L at bV %: E, K. RI , will be hold Si ^ Z\$*, ml M* SmU K«igU ^ 

Obapeh ; These meetings ^ have b,m m*$ nvping* Qch SMh> Wf f Hi ^SS% SL Wi «* ***** ««• « »**. **?*?? : > 


’ the ndyettihemonte b«low 

some of Jho. leading, homes. *8 

; Kngininh. Our readers wdL d as y2 

jfiud this column valuable, T 

Bstahiished J 8 ( 5 (i, -4 


Emit and Brodttte ' y 

is to be with Mrs, A. W, .Wakefield, 

The IJuioh meeting of the C, B. 

Spkllr Co«U»t»>!i>n r ^ ! ,; 


Btt pfi biiu bao^rr lwheo .Sr, ^ ,. 

M c Ihii i s 

*" ’ •very interesting and have been well Tf Ved at seven o ’clock. It is hoped 

' ■■—' 'T •■■•■ v ...v ... attended. The young .people- meet Bat* Hffiro oviti bo a good . attendance of 

Rumford FW11» Insurance Agency night to organize a Christian dShristina EndeaVOrd 

Ejubltshed, 1 S 93 . Endeavor Society.* Arthur Frcekcr Is spending a few 

lMge*tf Strongest and Oldest Agency. Mrs. H. X Reynolds aDd Son Leon }: days, Imntiag at .Tohn Steplien's eanip 
A hr M«rrt. nn & Co...An«m<»■ hftve hoOU spending^ two weeks at their on MOosoiocmaguntic Bake.^ , 

getting along as well as to attend tlm.fiww services oi mm jtAXNE prodoots a speci 

Lamb* Eeal Bn t ier, Eggj, 

Ejubltshed, 185a, 

Largest, ’Stem.:; estand ) 1 <M Agency* ■ 

Arthur C. ioraonffiCo Agents 

Office, McKenzie Block. , 

mn ?Md«m>ors, Mrs. Clara Jbnea of Rhtpfnfi The Uiuversaiist CirelOMlU meet ^ (allvn or dwtised) l^nit Sd 

her peeker is R *** ^ ^ g tte . 1fc p£ W, W. Rose and wife their parlors* on bbiday afternoon* Oet.. p 0r market reports 

huatiag at ,rohn Stephen's eanip 31st M the usual hour, Hallownp sttp* 

30 -:: icmnguntic Bake. _ 0 . AL^Bichordson, P. E, Blcknell and. tier will be servcl which ■ Ml’ ure . f . chebVER A. C®,. rJ 

,, .. 0. M. Birffiaifison, R B, Binknetland per will be served which _ 

old home in Eastport and Machrns and The ^ C. B Hutchinson attended Grand Bodge cordially invited 0 attend. Wm s to BEKXf gg-fe' 

m Maehms to attend the Aawr, fedaesday Mglifcmt the Conp ehnrda f; ^ which or Port- Pen.-muh Robcka! Bodge will have; a# ^ ^ MirtkehSt.* BosS 

sary of the organizatiDn of the church At the last mecUng Mr. hjaher was , __ v wa notertainumtini ufctboitrepfatmeet- - *v. L?« :• ’’■*1 

sary 01 .mij orpnizattDn vj. buv cumw- ju, mnd last week, r-" ^a tpt tatnnincna.»B.«»<ar-avKuwM.aaw 

Of Which Mrs Reynolds was formerly oat of ,tt>wn so Mr. MeMenme' and , saimrt and wife are on a tag Fridav evening of this week A 


Over Goaya Bros’ .Store 

loaorancc. Loans and . 

'Rral&i^L , • „ 4 ,..‘ , 

Burnt ord Falla MaiM. 

H. t ELlLIS. 

JPricBcal Hone'Shoer, 
^Prospect Avenue, * 

Boh . . m. Folia, Mohw. 

An entet tainnjfftent ?tt theii' replnr 

a mpibcEr, Mr, Been returned last Ilkrold Mclnnis had the meeting .in 
week, but Mrs. Reynolds wdil stay a few charge and drilled the boys, 
days longer, Mrs. Abel Farrington is working at 

Tho Up an Kumin Club, uiet with Mr. the Wills Block. ;‘ 

D. B. Biokey on Monday evening last The Baptist Cireio met With hits. 

trip to the yamestowo 'Exposition. 

Mabel E, Carver returned from Bos- 
ton Mondpy. . 

good attendance is looked; for* j 

; Mr. and Mrs. Davis of Mass,* have 
been visiting their -son, Alfred Bavis 

Strictly COffimfejfojj, 

.. M B T&J&fj 

H. *. ^Bcw.deaj 

Jf B, Ti 


V Alao Bealora In 

house mans 


0. H. EATOH , ■ 
- A V O t I O K A E B. 

All orders promptly attended^ 
to. . Goods,, sold 'by the day or p, 
Stanabdos. Bay telephonej lX4?3,t 

■xnLoinrnxE, ' > - - ■' haih: 


' Dootist. 


Bnmford Fall*, - . Ibin*. 

Officd hours 8 a. m. to 5 p. ,*T. 
Other hours by appointment. 

Dr. S. Taylor, Dentist, 

Cseney Block, opposite Hotel Rumford, 
Bumford Falls, Main*. 

Special attention given to treatment 

The Sp an Lamm Club met mu Mr., *ue »ut* smck, • - Miv nd afm Boob Roberts hro stop- and family 

B- E. Bickey on Monday ovening last The Baptist Circle met with Mrs, . ^ ^ p,pi- mR ham and wife Married on Monday Oct. ?th by R«V.’ 

and a thry ahfferestlng program pajoy- Fred Molt oa Thursday of this week. Bhbetts Is at work for Mrs* BIB .V. IB Rkc of IJvermore, Mias B Ev- 
. v „ .,. cd - Mr. Furbush lost nn u^ er hd «° one p wg h am while Mr. Roberts Is employ^ olyn Wymah and Mf. Mftpleon B. Fnl 

H.C. ELLIS Rev, ,T, G. yishcr Spent two days in day Inst week. He aoems t be l v- ^ ^ : ^r, hath of Canton. 

•■ ". PricOcil Horse Shoer Oxford attending the County- Confer- ing pretty bad luck as fins irtlm econd * ^ R> Q , „ nn wns J n Lewiston the ; Mrs. Martha. Hatbawny and dangh> 

Erosoect Avenue J «««» from there going tb Brunswick horse ae has lost within the^ last two ^ ^ week. . ; t« hfattic, rcturnfi) Friday from fi vlsU 

turn t Falla, Main*. to visit his son Edgar at Bowdoln Col- of three mouths, one broke Ins leg and ^ j{ UMC u visited his sister, Mrs at East Bixfiold. 

j—: _ , _ le S°- , ■ th t on t ^2K S ac ,f- , ■ : ■- ; Amos Elliott of Xo. Bumford, last . Mrs. E, b. Dillingham, who under. 

;■ *. ■- '■ , T Mrs, M. B. Wescott loft Monday for Mrs. W. W. Knowlton w working at went an. operation for appatikUSs air 

If. i MBit* BDilDIN< C: Boston and vicinity where; she will Hotel Rldlom ; : : ' . Mn ami Mrs. E, M- Bllver visited in, 4« C M. G. Ilospitat n few weeps 

dl CM Q0NTBACT0B8. * spend a few "Weeks visiting relatives d. A. Pdrry has moved into tbo How-. Lewiston, this weok. ago, returned to her home last week. 

.. '-'v Also .Deaiors la and friends. aTd . * lck r ^ . . , . Y r o nntlorshuid Ho taco Mew-man has md is improving rapidly. 

WIHDOWB, DOOM, HOUSE FXVIBH Mr, C> A* Clifford took a flying trip Mr. A. B. Parsons tt confined A S oTd out Ms Every stable ht Bixfieli Mv* and Mrs, Cha*. KnleMnsuh have 

to Boston two days last week oa bum-; house with h bad cold. : Jif rs> , 0 ee ,„ Hovens and daughUr, goao to Hartford te live, 

***& ■ r *f rs ’ '^°5 8e Bmyl of Auburn, have been rMiingT Miss A. C, Mekpll returned Tbttrm 

Mrs, A ,L Bang attended the State bath wrth her family mU tmnis vilt MrW 1 ts, Geo, JC dohnaoh; day from Boston with her mmai hne 

S. S Convention at MaterviUe last; be gihd to hoar that shet m gaiotng. wife. |tao of miittaery aiid fanhy goods. ;j 

week as a delegato from the Cong. Miss Myra Bhckard it? spshding a ytj- nnd Mrs, A H Mills or® visit- Miss Wright of Bivertnore, |jt .keop-i 
& School two weelo motion at her father^ . ?ng ^ ^ Arthur l«g house for Brt a A* Coolidgv. ^ 

CJaade Brown is ptting the founda- camp in South Rangeley. Farrand nnd family On Pleasant strwL The community wns shocked Wed- 

tion ready for a stahlo to be erected hfr, and Mrs, Weston Toothaker ^ L, Hntehinso is engaged in earn .***&& undming «f last week on If«m 

at once. In EMllip.-SatUTra^-ln; «*<%««« , k m f LoveU this Jug of -tho sudfien death of Mrs, Lht* 

Mr, and Afrs, Crowell moved this to spend Sunday With fnend** return- ther Abbott Of Gilbortville, which 0 C‘:' 

week into the home- of their daughter* ing Bhaday evening Miss Amt" Bussell, iho voungwii ettm® MtorHy hftw bfnoA’oiJH*: Tacs.' 

Mrs, E, H., Gleason where they will stay Mark Begere hag gn.-ebntift tho *jongo (la11ghUvr p( . ^ g £rj)> Wnllace day evening, Mrtk Abbott had been 

1.1. Til. hr A. fit t • L*nrtti*rt wO tha TlAtvn Hrthn -filhiia Af ‘ . . . , ... a .A w .4 

itrd Stock. 

Mr. A. B. Fomons is confitted to the 

to Boston, two days last week on bnsi- bouse with h bad cold. 


S. ■ S. 

week ns a delegate from the Cong, j Miss Myra Packard Is spading a 
tended; S* School wo weeks vacation at her father’s 

at on; Claude Brown is getting the founda- - camp in South Bnngeleyv 
ffjua.' tion ready for a stablo to be erected h£r, nod Mrs, Weslot 
MAIHS. at once. vent to Phillips Saturday 

Mr- and Mm Crowell moved this to spend Sunday With fri 
. ' week into the home of their daughter* ing Sunday evening. 

Mrs. E; H. Gleason where they will stay Mark Legere has pnaffift 

for the winter, Mr. Phiibriek will have kno a- ns the Bonn Babb ph^e M R ua8c ij of Hhrfford, who aubmiUed to in her lUfUnt health nnd attend# H 

■ rant. Prank la aac. a serious surgical operation on Sunday', meeting.of Gotm A, Hodge RetlCf Curt s * 

Arthur Johnson left the employ of Were Scared but not Hurt. 0ct 6th * lg improving slowly. Miss held on Tuesday afternoon. She re- 

E. m Dorr this week and accepted » M, ss Marguerite Burn, and George Rox!e Moaroc H caring for few. irihl for the night m nstml but was 

position With E, w, Howe. Mr, John. Harlow h«d quite a narrow escape one R(Jy> % H t£Uon prcac b hia soon taken III with heart trtWtblo from 
son Js a man well liked by his cualomcrs noon last week. George Harlow at- farowcU setmon d (, tbe b. Church which she expired in u Wry short 

their rent frank Haldane. 

Arthur Johnson left the employ of Were Scared hut not Hurt. 

E. H. Dorr this week and accepted a MHa Marguerite Burns and George 
position with E. W, Howe. Mr. John- Harlow had quite a narraw escape One 

and will be missed on Ms route. Ban- tempted to run. a boat across -the river 
vide. Knox takes his place, and the oarlock broko and the boat '"'£' e 0 n’Bobert 3 

Air. and Mrs. AYm. Boyce have broken drifted down stream lyith the current, 5 8lOQ Saturday, 
up housekeeping and gone to Virginia Mr. Harlow doing What ho Could with ^i Tt « n Q 
to board with Mts. Boyce’s parents. un° ° n r. They succeeded la Teaching . ((o , .„j. l4 ; v< ., a( 
The Laurel Club Met with Mrs. H. Shore by Mrs, Kelley’s store and Mr. 

sad: family-, . * ■• : j-j-yy 

ytarried Oh Monday Oct. 3fh by Et*v, ' | L« .; W, « Jr>ra (*! 
\% IB Rise Tof Livermore, Miss. L Ev- * Wv- UUrOcll \J( 
elvn t\ r yma« anil Mr. Xn|>oleOn B. Pttl* .• .=| 

ler* both of Canton. UAIICP 

Mrs. Martha Hathaway and daugh- nVyv* 

^fattie, returned Friday from a visit ' _ ■ 

nt East Bixfieid. FURNISHING 

Mrs. E, L. Dillingham, who under* . .1 

went an, operation for appesidteUiS at • : AAAf\| 

Gm C M G. Hospital a' few week*, 

ago, returned to her home last week ^ | 

ahd, is. ’improving, rapidly. - jFumititrc, Be ng, 

Mr,; and, Mrs?. ChaA HuteMnsoh ihavo ; , . r ■■Ti 

gone to Hartford to live, IhjtCftCtl UtCHSllS/ Hue-. 

Miss- A, G, Bickfteil returned Thurm; M . >+»{, _. W .# .. J 

day from Boston with her usual due v AulWRIV* GGilvryi(| 

milliaery and fancy goods. : StOYCS Rnd Ranges, 'f 

Miss VSright of Bivcrmore, tii keep- b ■■■ 

ing bouse for Br. C, A* CoolidgV. J StfT Yf 

The community was shocked Wed- J 

itesday moruiog of last week Oft learn* Fa , . { 

lag of the sudden death Of Mrs, Lot* ^ Urflll U t i2 ! 

tMt Abbott of GllbcrtriUc, which oe- | 

enrred shortly after nine okloek Tues. 0 -.**^ i 

day evening, ifis. Abiiott had been vigilL .otiw MvKB 

in her usual health and attend# the mm >, 

meeting of John A. Hodge Relief Uorp$. ; Flll^n.l>Ur€5' 
held on Tuesday afternoon. She re* . , 

tired for the night as usual but was : ;f'®p 3 IF 6 

soon taken ill with heart, t rouble from 
wideh she expired la a vefj- . short 0 . . , 

time, Tho funeral services were held; 

at her late home at one unlock Thurs' / 1 *f y-j ,.w. 1 71 

day* aftorhoun, Bor. G.-A, Martin of | Jfl0 DOfCjCfl U 
the Rumfunl Fulls Methodist church t 1 

ollklatlug, A large! number of frieads oi t tt/L c* fit frj 4 
aud relatives ftttfher# to m their *** Wait 1 Cl. )*>«- 

iext Sabbath, time. The funeral services were held; 

Leon Roberts and wife Were in Lew- at her Ute homo at oho o’clock Thors* 
istoa Saturday. day afternoon, Bor. G. A. Martin of 

Mr, and Mrs. 0, F, Towio are visit-, the Rumfovd Fait* Methodist church 
lug relativea at Ho. Turner. ofiklating. A, large number of f riemts 

Mrs, McFarland* Who has been the »ud relatives gathered to pay their 

mad filling of the Natural Teeth. w - 5?ark lnst woek and enjoyed its Kelley helped pu them ashore. I guest of her brother, John K. Forhan last sad tribute to ono who wns respect- n r f 

Whole and partial a* ts of teeth, also “sual pleasant afternoon with music-and damage was done onl tho young Indy ^ wife for wvcrnl weck3[ Uas retura . ed and loved by aU her acquaintances, tUmiOrd rails, 

• «« Alt a r Af Pi>» 3 l»n>nn f C I Wits Jrdtuewliiit inifbtO’iiMi. I . .•* Imt rt.,^ l » 

erown and bridge work carefully fitted, refreshments. 

The new anaesthetic used for painless According to reports the people of 
^traction of teeth. ' f ,e town who own chickens had bet- 

_ .. _ _._«« • j__ ter put them under lock and key as a 

OfflC 6 OIH! Jf ^ number of residents have missed their 

and Saturday each week. „ h ;, k „ n<1 t ,„ rin[ . a„ m . 

Was somewhat frightened. 

We are sorry to learn that Mr. L, 

ed to her home in Portland, 

The Relief Corps of which she was a 

Mrs, T. A. Potter visit# the first mast worthy member aud which she 

tbe town whe own chickens had bet- M* McColliitcr has finished work in o£ ^ m , ok ' wU b bOr pnrcnts, M. B, dearly loved attoodml the services in 
ter put teem under lock and key as a the Oxford him and leaves Nov, 1st, p> ac ] car< i an( j w jf e . n h«dv. Tmuxtifnl «nlns were n>m 1 « m l 

ler jpufc them ttnder Jock &nd key aa a Oxford Mill arid IcavOa Noy» jsW 
Durrtbct of residents have missed their Wr* SfctColligter has been with the firm 

a body** BOftutifiil #oto wero reridort<l i 

chiekena during ten past week. Some over Mx yearA Y?e are Informed aro visiting her brother^ W, 

have been taken in broad daylight. hrcColhster contempktes «* ^. T t lompson of E, BbtfieM and C. W, 

Miss May Childs has returned from tabllsluog an independent business in Tbom * of p arro { n g t0!U 
Bixfieid* where She has been spending town. The people hope tbd report is ... . , , .■ , 

a few weeks With her grand parents, true, for he is a public spirited citizen ,T * il * ’ oh »son of Auburn, was in tow 

JAKES H. KERR, Bixfieid* where she has beea spending town. The people hope the report is 

Smnfora Falls. a few weeks with her grand parents, true, for he is a public spirited citizen 

a*n*ral Contractor, alio proprietor of ^ ^ A< Abbott liag returnea from ana would be ranch missed if he should 
the Artificial Stone Co. . . . _. . ., leave town. 

We take plans and build the blocits a V18,fc t0 hor SJStcr 5n Dljcfield ' Mrs. Weston Toothaker and Miss 

-to order for any size or dimensions for Mr. Fred Parsons had the plensure Boam*. Foster Spent one day of this 
-entire buildings or foundations. We of Seeing Neil Burgess in the “County week in Lewiston, 

'hare 100 different designs and dimon* Fair,” at Lewiston last Saturday after- Mr. David Isbester hah purchased 

Mrs, B, E, Patterson and daughter by Miss Gladys L, Waite, She leaves 
ildred, are visiting her brothers, W, besides her husband, two sow*. Geo, 
. Thompson of E. Bixfieid and C, W» Abbott Of Bumford Falls and Harry 
bompson of Farmingtoa- Abbott of Gilbertvilie. Her remains 

J. M. Johnson of Auburn, was In town were laid nt rest in the cemetery at 

- —- o — - . • • P , \r rth( i„ v ■ Field’s HSU, Sumner. I * w 

Mrs, E, A, Abbott has returned from and o uld be much missed if he should L Geo. Smith of East Cambridge, Mass., {XttrOnS and the public that 

I- leave town. F, M Oliver and family recently Wnl . nf x * f ! U I2 1 

t hereby give notice to: 

... **r . .v - • ’ . - iand W‘m. Peacoek of Augusta, have w 

UBS. Weston Toothaker afid Miss ylsitC(1 Mrs. Oliver’s brother, EffiM- been tho guests of their aunt, Mrs. u, tlr0 P r,cc of ^ | 

son Oldham, of West Peru. 

A. Bavis* 

'hare 100 different designs and dimon* Fair, “ at Lewiston last Saturday after- 
cions of blocks. We also hare a goo- noon> 

assortment of blocks for retaining ^— 
-walls, foundations, steps, butrewes, FOR SALE, 

sidewalks and all kinds of concrete Fruit, Confectionery* Tobacco, Cigars, 
floors. News and Periodical Store, located 

Fred Holt’s house on Front street. 


Fruit, Confectionery* Tobacco, Cigars, A j, Br0okg from ' 0rafton wont 

SS SL »“Sf “«• ' mM to pi»« iret tor to* to 

Clement’s Dairy 1 Lunch. 

- ‘ ; 10 24 3fc A* H Powers Is at North Weqt Bethel **£** l* the ? ial f of i£ ^“ e - home of her brother, A. C. Ltttiehalc, 

^ S. CLEMENT, P TO p. . ^m.^ this week plastering a house or Prod f h C ° C " h * ^ Wgbl -ud daughter 

If you want to bi If* BMC rith Clement- EdMS WANTED, Hllgore, Chicago College of Opbihaimology and {.tande, visited friends I* Booth pari* 

*«*»«, tw» *«?»»>< j, ewtaw,, *««**» «».wa.***.;v 

under Hotel Bumford. 


Bumford Falls, Me. 

C 10 24 3t 

automobile in tow 


-- Sebools throughout the town open# 

Oculist, Monday, Oet. filst after a Week's vaea- 

*——■—-—i tion. 

Br, Austin Teimey treats diseases Hugh Thurston, who is attending U«. 
of the eye by authority of the Maine br<m Academy* was ut home over Sun- 
State Board of Registration of Medi* gay,, 

horses at my stable will be !->J 
per week. | 

The school began here again Men- ClBe att ^ ** hhtBowit# to practiee medi* Mi*. Genfe Cote and little s m of Her- 
lv after a week’s taestloU. ctfie in any and all of its branches any- g nj M, H., have b#h visiting at 

lid, N* -H,* have been visiting at the 
home of her brother, A. C. Lltflebalc, 

Open Day and Night. 

lag down one of the trestles belonging . ciy one ere s 
to the Oxford Paper Company* now 3(1 eoid sjindjmttgh s^ 
located Ut tho CttttiUg-up Mill, loading • , ^ 

same on the cars and taking same from ; LOCKE M 

go Eye, Ear Nose and Thro«f College. Miss Myra Libby, who has teen keep- 
The Doctor has attended both these i ng housi for Mri M, L. Thurston at 
colleges fOr the length of time necessary Bethel, during her trip to Jamestown 

-to-- 1 • - 1 "-- 'sumo Ott theirs and taldmr s me from ; LOCKE MILLS, ^ Zt Z 1Z TZ tittr5n « her # Jnmestowfi, 

to,, hrtfnflrAtthM tel rtmw BaMd Foster and Mrs* Abbte ca f w - c& hm tetura# torn. 

itst-Class PhojoiWW’ ^ ^ visited friends to Beriiu* Run- therefore had teebeneats Jacttmleye, The Ladi«’Circle met with Mr* H 

Yotf are sure to be satlsfi# if your work ts Slill according to blue*pri« how ready ear, noSe and throM work, includmg ehapman m Saturday tV«Mcg. 

ta done by i^obo Set Hrs. Harriet Herrick is visiting her w#«rn surgery such m -it Itlmposrible pjeaMnt evening was enjoyed by ait 

Harry U : '.Hummer*. . . ** llaucbe Lapham, at lo obbun outside of our large city hos- present. 

journal Juilding, M *“ a ' S X *? f *f i Bumford FslM pitals and clinics. ; Hollis COolidge and family are again 

Waldo St. Sh 

Wet Washtf 

50 cents 

A Basket. 



(Freight on this trestle from Cutting* 


In Effect October 1907, 

Trains leave Rumford Falls at 5;20 
a. fit 50 a, m,, 2: 45 p. m., week 
days; for Lewiston, Portland and Bos¬ 
ton* 4:20 p. m. for OquossoC. 

.the Oxford Paper company.” 


tumford Falls;'. Me. 

Mr, and Mrs* Frank Frost Bunday, j 
Mr. Chis Bryant was' in 'Esse Sumner 

HM; ■ P 1 ast ’W#ne#ay on business, 

pitala and cliniea. Hollis COolidge Stiff family are again 

The; Doctor does not hesitate id say living in the Stearns house owne by ^ OUf OWfl “ 

therefore that any braueh of eye work W, H, Kilgore . ** * 

Which he undertakes, including the fit* Miss Yerna Kilgore spent the past WatO* ift all Ote 
Lag of gtMses vrilt be dofie carefully week theguest of friends in Norway. i t \ 

and correetly- He teHtea any payst* Mr. J, W, Xdlog, and i#mfly. Who Washll 

t n*. A«a me. George Frost and Mr. t not im tote to say living in the Btearns house own# by 

- «•?«- A— - - « SrL“L^S4« \t a , „ 

# t Vl # .ifilr- rrtii bk na VMT > tt ti n yi ^ tototo totftFnT . .. 1 - ■ 1.*'. ... -i. re A- 

Winter ibMWa th«ir 5 th. weaaifig Buniveraaiy ’^:r" w " a w J71 r rr , r^*rr j ', f v ‘ "‘Z-* D «««* »«nfi««« purtty , , * . t#l -j 

last Saturday evening by inviting six*. ^ ! ;; CW mn ^ e ,nv 7f 1 lgat . on t ® £ ’ % Kilgore’s fin Saturday evening Oet. A : ppS|feI dfOppCa fo ^ 
toWtoto to 4 **dh e teen of their friends in, The evening *** l "^ ^ # 'which all are cordially invited; % « a * rtrt aJ 

Vaarmonis. was spent .St wm, m? mm ^ * c m-ir-Jt have our team cal at ofiJ< 

cream and cake was served. They were ; ; .-'„**** . . 1 

Men’s Suits,Overcoats, tho recipients of many handsome gifts* NEW MAXWELL R fABOUT , cheek a cold quickly, got from your i 

. ... ' Shaft drive,;L4 horse power, not-a ariiggist some little Candy Cold Tab* m * j r it. CUf 

Mr. omt Brown spent Sunday with ci “" lfl c : xfo , , 0£ elsewhere recently moved to New York have 

Ids son Boy, in Berlin, ft H : fhb may be toterestod to eye work or again Mura# to Newry. 

’ Mr, and Mrs, Frank Purington cole* l* nv ° l >at, 9 nts ™ c,lla % d ,a ’ n f p ° The Ladies of North Howry will hold 
brat# their 5tfi Wedding anniversary i alment to w On him at any f his a naked bean and pastry supper at % 
last Saturday evettlng by inviting six*: .V 14 , “ n a 6 ,f a ’ nV ^ tlBat ’. oa fc ^f % Kilgore’s OB Saturday evening Oct 


Tralng arrive in BumfOfd Falls at lUITIpHF^, EtC, 

11:20 a.m., * 1:10 and 8:10 p. m. from 

Lewiston, Portland and Boston* WE KEEP IN STOCK. 

AH trains ton daily except Sunday, N eW art d Second Hand 

11 * 5 ; GoodsofAKKl 

v„p, SHLM. G. P. &T. M. 


ere to form work Traveling expeases R(jr ft V* Pair Rj 'Tffft..f'25c’ at Chasv E. Ferualds, Nathan Boy eis* cause ehrottjc*eo'sstipattom Doan’s xm name. Prevcnucs. 

allowed. Apply to Aberthaw Con- 1 u,,v «w*i uiurvihj ^ s XMiMt *L P, Johnston ik Co% f Beplets operate easily, Um iH >totn. i0Q(S tor. feverish children, . fit Frs* 

AtwcHoa fMi Shawmktv MM#, tYlskqat & Kendall, ||3ixflei4 and % J, Bcyuolds; Bidlou' nch, cure constipafiom S5a Ask .your, YcnHes 2S cento. Trial boxes j ets. 

A BADLY BURNED GIRL . hdrn< iitc< tool3 «.* 
rHEM [ h* STOCK. 6t boy, man m woman. Is quickly out Jng hnv . e bought larger cur, 

1 r . 3i .^.1 *» a* Of {Kiln if Bucklirt’n AMfea Salve Ijfip* Y r D. MORaE 

1 Second Band pIk ! d pro(0pt!} *. Q . J Welch, of Tekoa-. S 

Goods of All Kinds. sha, Mich,, says; lr I use it in ttty fam-l 0 * 

?; ily for cuts, SOtCS And all skin injuries, . ; y., ■ 

and find it perfect.” Quickest Pita T * * 

_. : vure known. Best heallflg mlw made. Harsh phystos m&, wmK 

scratch ou if, fully equipped* lamps, leta enlied Brqventles, Bfuggisls eveiy*. 
horn, tires, toots etc. Reason for soli- whom are now dispensing PreveaUcs, 
ing, have bought larger car, for they arc not only Safe, but decidea 

W, D, MOBSB, _ i ly certain and prompt. Prcventies con- 
aorham, N, H. fain no quinine, m laxative, nothing 
C i!M7 d t pd harsh nor Sickening, Taken at the 
: ■ “toeere Stage” Prevontlcs will pro*- 

vu* w*. mo, vntnito i»*. T‘ SrewMiN, UM m , 

els. cause chronic-fmasttostiom nt>an’« ^ ttepce the name Prevcntics. 

Wiskout X Kendall, 

0 It. 46 KtVERSfREET. 

| druggist to* them. 

Bold by Bed Cross Pharmacy, 

Rumford ills 



: .. WANTED, , 

Tofilre « go# paftHdge dof t -, 
som , .. ud si 

; 4 « ■’. Ramfo’J* 



1 iwfow tep rjJj i 

: H<utt 9t - 

*?, w «i <Hi2 

ibte, « 

. I860. \| 

COLE, 'j 

iiauloij Steffi 


il BilU Xfcnto' 


Charted ■■ 

• Wink# Price, $ 

* l4 5 ***«*£ 

« G IMS j s 


5rtti.t and 
; report^ , 5 ^ 

HBR fe. CO, b, 

^TT Bitofi ;( jj 
St, Bostos, Jfa 
uajkjloa. ■ N 
H fi 'tti } , 

J* B. Tuj 

4 den G 



ding, Trri 
nsils, Hajfc 
I Ranges. I 

l-hand J 

iture j 

nd Sok 

j ' 



t notice to- 
public tbth 
of born! ■! 
jlo will be t> 

ASH,' I 
0 St, Sj 


enfs l 


f o':Wft % 
i all out 
hing* j 

pped to os | 

all at dfi&i 

ills sw 

im» J 

ffififf* , j 


. Kutnftf* 1 ' 



TE? BlJiayfpg^ CITIZEN, ?HI*£SDi f ( OCTOBER 24, 1§07 

For Sale by 

<* the . 



Rumford Falls, Me 


Is yo kf 

Dorse stem 

wUralfSlHr *V'ftsOfcj#*;. H ?0u afo a Lwure patron 

U K atol •«! knowledge mfty wti* 

J vjjjr^ lily of n valuable aaitaal, 

I wm& t^ M P sncces s as a Veterinary Is 

'V- APF *> the tocthhntl have prtvVen the merit of my 

‘”*-- , * prcsprtprioca upon my own hOr*®* m welt «5 *yclients>. 

The drop from which Lesore prescriptions' «ro compounded are the 
. purest and best—as good as any : pharmacist would put law a prescription 
. for you. That is why Lescre'- Social Liniment Is as good formau as 
| for beast,. ■ «■•--- v , .-- - , . Iir ■ 

(ORft Of^~* 61 .live SttScli Ithonis 'write ?ne ttw w.w, Vk i Hk |.i. It,,, 
irektixi, “ The <Lr* or Dumb AnhneW* I w*U m*U ft *£«, * bl * UtU * 

il «dso. all animal o* , rs should possess. 

/ 'Tterinaty medicines. 

I tc ^?- w ^aWer* them, anda book gMag symptoms i 

fists will be swtAnywhere to the-world, earwflgq prepaid, for fd,00; J 

U r * J ‘ O. UIURI, fgtf WlnchMt«r StrMt, Kaene, N. H. j 

will present you with 
of the SO E-Z Oust • 

with a $3.00 or more cash pur* 
chase if you bring: this adv's. 



am and Hot Water Fitting, Supplies, Etc., 
Leather Belting and Lacing, Inspirators, In¬ 
jectors, Ejectors, Gauges and Gauge 
Glasses and Cocks, 

Valves of All Kinds, Oil Cups. 

*■ \ 

Canal St.. Rumford Falls, Me. Tel. 6-S 




°to V. A. LINNELL and get 

»he Rest, It is RUilROlD. 

p fosp«ct Ave., Rumford Falls 





■ aivmc US AWAY ' 

id tbe publle~tbat -we'ro busy making 
a daily sttjfply 6f the moat delicious 


from pure sugars, rnicst extract 
da^Orifigs ftrid best quality nuts. 
Summerhere. The time o’ year to 
lake heme a box of bonbons to wifoy 
os you did before you married Her. 
Or rim girl ft-waU'ng you St the depot. 

ifoney spent on our confectionery 
is money back in the pieSsUre of eat, 
trig the finest candy Oft eotlb, ^0 
fancy prices, cither, 

ffUfwford Falls Fruit 0&* 

Congress St. 

■■ : i* the ease, for ra«n there *re 

sudden is e losses it one stock, the 
losers must .throw- over the other 
stiicks they hold (o meet their lose, 
ftPft thus the whole structure tumbli 
,, 4ke s house of card* Surer had fust 
; crossed 110 when the loud habg of the 
Pi set dent’s gave! res.bupded hr>;ugii 
ii-'? room, Instantly there Was' a si. 
fence- as of death. Ail know U 
maaninr of the, Sound/ tho.-.: most- 
ominous ever heard: In a stock eib 
4 linr fog' the temporivy 
aspensioc of husiftesg while'the prcBt- 

l 3?“1 SSJ?SSfi5SS I5« f si hire of some 
member ..or house. '- 
Announce thst They Cannot Meet 
their Obliflatlona. 

This statement that one of the old- 
®*t houses bad been swamped ir; the 
efft^b lloh -had- started caused further 

•" eelllnir, and, as though every 

: member had employed the lull to re- 
hjy lungs, a howl arose that pe&led 
end walled to the dome. 

I watched 3ob closely; la fact, It 
»»» Impossible for roe: to take my 
eyes off rim; he seemed absolutely 
udmlndful of the age-sizing shrieks 
about him. for the frenzied brokers 
, ww * no >ngor crying, their bids.- or 
offers, b>i| ScrSanilfig them/3 He. stlilf 
continued relentlessiy to hammer 
" Sugar, offering It In thousands and 
tens of thousand. lots. 

: Again, and-, again the gavel, fell, am 
— again and again an aundtiheemeftt of 
failiire was followed by bloOd-curdllng 
bowls. Wheft Sugar struck 80—not 
180. ut plain, 86—It Seemed that the 
mm day Of stock Bpeculatioh was at 
band. Announcements were being 
made every few minutes of the failure : 
3 °f tb|s bank, the ojoafng of the doors 
of that trust company. Where would 
it end? What power could Btop this: 
Niagara of molten dollars? Suddenly 
above the tumult rose Bob Brownley’s 
mice He must have been, standing 
on his tiptoes. His hands were raised 
aloft. Ho seemed to tower a head 
above the mob. His voice Was still 
; Cleat and unimpaired by the terrible 
•tra|i of the past two hours. To that 
mob It must have sounded like the 
* trumpet of the delivering angel, ‘'80 
for any part of 25,000 Sugar,” Instant- 
” , ^ Sugdr was hurled at him fretn ail 
si,de« of the crowd; He was the only 
m *uycr of the moment who had appear¬ 
ed since Bugar broke 125. Barry Con- 
ant and hia lieutenants had disappear¬ 
ed like snowflakes at the opening of 
the dorr of the firebox of a locomo¬ 
tive speeding through the storm. In 
a few seconds Boh had been sold oil 
Ihe 25,000 ho had hid for, Again his 
voice- rang out; ”80 for 26,000/’ The 
sellers momentarily halted. He got 
only a few thousand of his 26. ”86 for 
25,000." A few thousand more, ”90 for 
, lle.OOO." Still fewer thousands, fils 
bidding was beginning to tell on the 
, foob. A cry rah through the room 
Into the crowds around the poles; 
"Brownley has turned 1”—and taking 
renewed courage at the report, the 
hulls rallied their forces and began 
to bid for the different stocks, which 
s moment before It had seemed that 
no one wanted at any price. 

In a chip of a minute the whole 
scene changed; there Was almost as 
wild a panic on the up side as there 
had been on the down, Bob Brownley 
continued buying Sugar until he had 
pushed it above 160. fie then went 
abount tallying up his trades. At the 
end of ten minutes' calculation he re¬ 
turned to the center and bought 11 ,- 
000 share more; coming out, his eye * 
caught mine, t 

"Jim, havf you been here long?” < 
"An eterflliy, I was here at tfto 1 

opening and I pray God never to put c 

me through another two hours like f 
the past two. It seems a hideous I 
dream, *a nightmare/ Bob, in the. 
name of God, what hive you beet t 
doing?” b 

Se gave me a wild, gwfuf look of g 
•xuitation. sublime triumph shone b 

in those blazing brown orbs, triumph h 
t such as I had never seen in the eyes ft 
of man. 

'- im Randolph, I have been giving p 

Wsii itreot and its beli’system’a dose e 

of Its ■ poison, good fuil-tneasure s< 
dose. . They planned bf harvesting i 
fresh Crop of human, hearts add Souls, g] 
on the bull Side to give Friffif the h 
131 a new meaning. Tradition says p 
Friday the 13th is Hear Saints* day, $ 
1 believe in maifttatnlag old trftdi- m 
tons, so I have harvested their hearts th 
fnatead# i will teii yau: about it some to 
time, Jii hut ft<5W I must see 1 Beulah ai 
sands, dim Riudolph, I’ve saved' her cl 
and her father. I’ve made them • or 
round three mUifons ind a stronff B< 
geven millions for myself.” he 

■ He almost yelled it aa he rushed m 
uway and left mg dazed, stupefied. A th 
moment, and | came to. BofheUting pi 
u i«d me to follow hlni. bu 

father, and then come hack to me. 
Hack tb me,. Beulah, back to me to be 
my wife,'* ' ■ ^ . 

He stopped. There w»b no sound. 

. I waited; thee, frightened,' I stepped; 
to the door of Beuiah Sands office; 
Bop was standing just inside the 
threshold* where he had 'haited'.’fo give 
her the pad tidings. She had risen 
to her desk and was looking at him 
wte, an agonized stare, fie seemed 
to Ito transfixed: by her look, the Wild 
ecst .y of the outburst -f love* -et 
mirrored in hls eyes. She; was'fust 
s»yiug as f reached the floor;. 

?, In mercy’s name tell me you 
' gpi this money fairly, honorably.” 

Bob must have reaUzed 1 for toe- first * 
_tim« what he had done, fie, did not 
speak, fie only stared into her feyes, 
Bha was now at. hls side, 

b, you are unnerved,’*' she said; 
yoa have been through a terrible or 
dftsi* For an hour I have been read- 
ing in he bulletins of the banks and 
rust companies that; have failed, of 
'the banking "houses that have been 
ruined. have been reading sat you 
d|d It? that* you have hpads iniiii'ons— 
a 1 knew It was for me, for father, 
s; In the midst of my foy, roy gratl- 
tofte, my lor* for, oh, Bob, I love 
you,”' she Interrupted herself pas- 
S/onately ; "It lecms ag though I love 
you beyond the capacity of a human 
heait. to love, i think togt for -the- 
right to be yours for one single mo- 

as happinese when ho iknows tfiat hls 
- teachfpgs have Cnabied hfo daughter 
to undo (his great wrong. And then. 
Bob, we will he marrited, and you and 
I end father and mother will be to¬ 
gether, and be, oh, go happy, and we 
Will begin all over again," 

Beulah, stop; in the name of God, 
j?! the name of your love for me, 
don't pay another word, There is 
a limit to the capacity of a nan to 
suffer, even .If ho be a rrcat, strong 
brute like myself, and, Beulah, I hpve 
rerached that limit. The day .has been 
a hard one,” 

H|b rolce softeped and became as 
| A tired child’s. 

“I must go Into the bust A; of the 
street, into thb dia and Sound!; atuf ge;.. 

. 46WU my nerves and get .'bank my 
bead- Then J shall be able fo think 
.•clear and true, and I will come back 
to ou, and together we will see if I 
baft done anything that makes re 
unfit to touch the cheek and the .hands 
and the lips of the best tnd most 
beautiful woman God ever put upon 
earth. Beulah, you know I would not 
deceive you to save body from the 
..fires of this world, and toy soul frpm 
he torture of the* damned, and j 
. promise; you that.jf 1 find that I have 
dope wrong, What you call Wrong, 
what your father Would call wrong, 

1 Will do what you say to atone.” ’ - 

fie took , her hand' between his 
bands, gently, reverently, and touch- 
iftg hfo Ifpg fo h^r .gloripua golden 
hair, he went away. 

. Beulah Sands turned to me. “Please, 
Mr. Randolph, go with him. He fosoul- : 
dazed. Oae can nevei ell -what a heart 
sorely perplexed will prompt' its own- , 
er to Jo, Often in the night when I 
bare got. myself into a fever from 
thinking of my father's situation, J 
have had awful temptations. The 
agents of the devil seek the wretched 
when none of those they lovs Are by. 

‘V® often ■thought, some' of the 
blackest; .treadle* of th .• earth! might .. 
have been averted It there had' been • 
• tr »« foUndi to stand at the wrtt|g ' 
on «’« elbow at the fatal, mfoute of de. 
clplon anC: jolgf to tibe sun behind, 

Louis N Talbot " 


: ^ BAKER Ng 

I Make the Fambfi 

^Motfier^s Cream Bread^ 

■ ■ ALSO 

Everything usually made in sl 

First-clas Biker/ 

■ i send D iyery Teams pl| pv-ey 
■ this and near fcy towps? 

Everything is of the 

^ •' - - -. • :,: s .-rv. ..w .. .1.).•> ■, 

.Gxvc me $ trial and prove what 

i Mill N ? alboty 

2lU%Li>0: ST Sjtf 

' ; * —i■— i 


Owe You? 

Are you needful of the 
■ money?. 

>< y u dislike to go dun 

If. so just leave the biJls'with us- 
and we will relieve you of the em¬ 
barrassment of dunning*«& well as- 
being without your just dues. 


JOHN J, BELL, Manag-er^ 

JOHN P, SWASEY/Attorney. 

The Bell Collecting Agen cy 


Rumford Falls, 



He Seemed Absolutely Unmindful of the Agonizing Shriek About Him. 


Aft passed through my office a few 
mlnfifoir later i jieafd Bob's Voice III 
leulah Bands’ office. It was raised 
ift passionate eloquence. 

-'Yes, Beulah, J have done it single- 
handed. I have crucified Catnempyer, 
'Standard Gil/ tod th 'system' that 
ftpikefi ne to the cross a fdw weeks' 
ago. Tod have three millions, .had f 
have seven. 1 Now there (a aothing 
mere, hu? for yen to go home to jrmr 

inent of ibis life If would smilingly eft* 
dure all the pains and miseries of 
eternal torture, Tes, Bob, for the 
right to have you call me yours for 
only while 1 heard (he words, I would 
do anything, Boh, anything that was 

■Sac had. drawn hls head down close 
to her fftce, and her great blue eyes 
searched bis as though (hey would 
gs to hls Very soul. She was a child 
ffl her simple appeal for him to alloy? 
her to see his heart, to see' that there 
TVsif nothing black there. 

Ah 'she gftzet! her beautiful hands 
played through hid hair as do a moth* j 
er’s -rough that of the Child she k 
soothing jn sickneaft. 

"Boh, apeak to me* speak to me,” 
she egged, "ten me there was no dfo- 

ho or n the getting of lhasc milflons. 
Tell is.) no one wfts made to suffer as 
my father and I have suffered. Tell 
me that thd suicides sad the convicts, 
the daughters dragged to shame and 
the mothers driven to the madhouse 
as a reftult of this panic, Canfiofc be 
charged, to anything unfair or dlshon* 
orable that you have done. Bob; ofo 
[ Bob', Answer! Answer no, Ot mj 
[ mart will hrek|*; or If, Bob, you have, 

! made a mistake, l£ you have done 
that Which In your great desire to aid 
n< atid uy father seemed: justiflable, 
but which you now' SCO Was wrong, 
foil ft to foe, Boh, dear, tod together 
wa wtil try to; undo it,. We will try 
O 'find s way to atone. We will give 
the millions to the last, last penny 
fo tfiofte uip6n whom you have brought 
misery. Father’s iog« will not mat* 
ter. Together we wiif go o him hfid 
tell hlbf what we have done, what 
v kftV* lived hrough, tell him of 
our mistake; ftftd ift our agony he will 
forget hls own. For such a horror 
rss my her of Anything diSho'bor- - 
•hie t! t he will embrace his .misery' 

' just when the black ahead grew un* 
endurable. Please follow Mr, Brown¬ 
ley thaft you may be ready, should his 
awakening to what he haft done be¬ 
come unbearable. Tell him the dread* 
■aorrt s aro never as terrible act* 

; BIT ;aS "they SSeift in aatfclpatlon/* 

I Overtook Bob just outside the of 
-o I did not speak' to him, -for f. 
realized that he was in no mOod for 
company, I dropped in behind, dft* 

> ersined that f would not lose light 
Of him; It was almost on o'clock. 
Wall .Street was at Its meridian of 
' frenzy, every ofte da a wild rush. The 
day’ ngs ha packed the always 
crowded money lar,o The newsboys 
were Sboutiag afternoon editions. 
''Terrible panic in Wall street Oho i 
'man against aiililons. Robert Brown 
ley broke 'the street.’ Mads twenty 
millions In an hour, fiaaif failed. 

and ruin every where. Presi¬ 
dent Snow of Asterfleld National A 
sufeide.” Bob gave no. Blgt. of hear- 
™g* 1 strode with a Slow, measured 
im m head erect, his eyes staring, 
head, a mm thinking, thinking, think* 
to# fm bis salvation. Many hurrying 
men look'*, at him, some With an 
stolon of unutterable hatred, as 
toohgfc they Wanted to Attack him. 
Then again there were those %ho 
called him by name with a laugh of 
joy? and some turned to watch Mm 
to curiosity, it: #a« easy fo: pfofc toe 
wounded ffofa toosc who shared in • 
vic., ry, Atid from th? <e 'whp knew 
; is frenzi? Inance buze*saw only by 
its brnto, Bdft saw none. WhCfg eotM 
he H going? _ He came to toft; head : 

(To be COtttiniJedij 

Where do You 



fur Does It Always Suit? 

If It docs arid the p rich atwnys suitg; 
yoiilr purse v?e hava nothing to say. 

iuf II Not Then to Want to 
See You, 


——*— _ * 

I. L. Cobb Co., 


Rumford Falls, Maine. 


ifofo th* YM KfMToti Dsw Alwaf 

%»t«* / I • > yjSfcZST 

■ Poesible, 

hire. Homer {readiftg)*-*fiereds gra 
aceoflbt o£ a village JftfsOft Wlfo left) 
ie pnlpit fo hecomo pn ftCtof. I tvon- 
fier what Could: have induced him to* 

d- ft thing like that? 
i ifomcj^Perhaps he thought the dfo*- 
Jitions Of eggs and vegetables would, 
be more Iiberitl.—Chicago Hafly fiewfu.. 


/ k 

*■ M 

\i’ - i'-y 


Mrs. Anna B. 'Wilson returned from 
SBroeton last week. 

Mrs. Anglo W*. Bolster has keen visit- I 
.tog friends in Ankara. 

Leona Stuart we .i Thursday, to Port¬ 
land, to visit bor sister. 

Lillian 'Waldron is visiting in Look* 

Mrs, 33. R, Mero' has btoken up 
housekeeping and has .gone to Hve with 
■he? faster at Brunswick. 

Airs. Peter Kane has returned from 
rtlie hospital at Lewiston, where she nas 
been for several weeks, 

Gilbert Swett, who has: keen ■ visit- 
tog, his gtandpiirents, hr?, and Mrs, 
Jacob Nichols, has returned to hto 
tome in Dorchester. ; 

A large- party of South Paris young 
people attended the supper and scalable 
gijren by the Junior class of Norway 
High School at Goftcert Half, Norway, 
IFri&ay evening returning by a special 
car at 10:30.: All reported a flua time. 

Hiram I’nlsifer returned homo last 
week after a several week’s visit with 
bis son in Massachusetts. 

The 33p worth League Of the Methocli&fc 
•church, visited the Norway League 
'Thursday evening. 

In every style from $1*50 to *50 m,price 
All these garments are hanging oir racks v 
without attention from clerks* 

Do us the favor to look the goods over* 


00k* Beats Other hours MTHH NTBURG STUDIO 

S£* ^ tm ^1pcHvr^rs, souvenir ym s 

2.-00 to 5:00 P, M. j AND POST CARDS. 1 

F. L, K. LAFLAMME D. D, SJaLo Enlargement* stud f 'Inhhww 

t)en»alP«k>» | KARL NVHURGAPmp. : 



We have the largest stock of Woman 3 Ready Made Gar¬ 
ments in the County* We want every woman who reads this to 
call, Friday and Saturday, and inspect them. 

We do not ask you to buy* But we do : want you to satisfy 
yourselves that we have T HE GOODS* . 

Fur Cloaks Fur Lined, and every kinc from $5.0) to 
$65*00 in price* 


s BEST. 

Mrs. .RuSsel Is- oUt Geek, 


•SO Exchange St., Romford Fall*. Maine. 

- : C. J. LEARY : 

Manufacturer of 

i . THE BI G -i 

Steithgfow 10 c. Leary’s PexLctw : 
Oxford* All Smooth Sc, 

240 TakfoSi, 

The at ton lion oi 
colled last Week ti 
has been A town. . 
fftvltlo street exfcq 
Bi»be« school hoiia. 
This pool 1st nboti 
about the name win 
sewerage from tbo 
several near-by b 
from it 01 the day 
gated was aickontoj 
of decent langtiaguj 
It was in a hobs? 
first ease at dlphtl 
cpkleraic was dovi 
casea were roj 
attending the Bis 
for as to Bay that i 
the gejnua of that 
discini noted in tha: 
a fair presumption! 
pool had not bean 
not have been any. 
It is withto our prej 
immediate abolition 
health. It will bo 
to nia the aeweragi 
beyond the road 
A (m* pool is the 
nil the microbes tha 
and a, congregating 
Insects that delight 1 
Flics swnrm thorn i 
and find entrants t 
tens and no doubt 
the 8Uh they have g 
ever they light* 
There Is no roasoi 
tf this offensive 
saiwnee. Wd call 
authorities to abolts 

Rumford Filh, JU, 


•Weakens 'the Tissues and Lessens Or 
game Vitality 

The stress and strain of the strenuous 
Qife in both city and country tends to-’j 
wards stomach troubles. 

Five people suffer to-day •where one 
Aid ten years ago with Sick headache, I 
tdizziuoss, ffatnlence, distress after eat¬ 
ing, specks before the eyes,, bloating, 
Aervousues, sleeplessness and the 
.many other symptoms of'indigestion. 

All, Who are suffering with stomach 
troubles, and that means at least two 
oat of three in Rumfarff and other 
towns, should use Mi-o-na stomach tab¬ 
lets. Nothing else so safe, yet effect¬ 
ive; nothing else can bo so thoroughly 
welled upon to rcliove all troubles from 
indigestion as^Mi-o-nst. 

It is not a mere digestiv e taken af ter 
the food is eaten, but a true tonic, 
stimulant and strengthener forj the .miis* 
aular walls Of the stomach, increasing 
the flow af-digestiye’fluids and putting 
thg stomach into such a condition that 
it does the work nature -expects of it. 

So reliable is Mi-o-na in its curative 
action that .he Cote Pharmacy, A. H. 
"Williamson Prop. and. Nathan Beynolds, 
of Canton,, with every 00 cans box: 
they sell give a guarantee to refund 
the money unless the remedy does all 
that, is claimed for it. 


, HANGER. ... |; 

■ Dealer In,' | 

Wall paper* paints, oils* 


U* A* H ,RRIMAH / 

D jikr In GRANtTEvi sd MARBL 
Monuntcntal and Building Verde, 
iRaUroad St.. Near Round Home* . 

■tnVj RumioedFiL 


Rumford Falls Me 

mug, Nov. 4 f m the knlversaltot church. Continued from Page one. 

The Festival Chorus and Orchestra wtll be 

assbied by the following; weibknonn artists . ■_ ^ , ,, ,, 

Mrs. tVynnifred Staples Smith, Mi: Agnes I ,0 I« r ccnt * °f the births were or 
Haven RussclL Mm. Walter Itotfe, Mr. tototgn parents, and those who- know 
Anierd Bussollsai that city well, tell .us that the Incom- 

' : „ —-—r .■ , ;i»e foreigners arc, each year, getting 

htr. aad hit#* Prank Banting have W crse and worse. Lewiston last year 
left Rnmfortl Sails, and will ntake had a foreign birth rate of 52,5. While 
their home ebewhere. Mr. Leering has Jtt Androscoggin County as a whole 
been employed to the machine Shop, of gg pe r ccn t ot til the births were of 
the Rumford Foundry Co,, and besides j foreign parents, 
being n first class tnachlntot is a fine Thm.wo see not only -the gravity of 
typo of good citizenship. Mrs. Deaxtog m Missionary problem but likewise 
is a wmman of brilliant social attain-|g 0fl that n is right., at oUi doors, vm 
meats and her absence to a loss to rim j 5s otlr 5r j. Jllg f0r s ^ m 

forces that make Lor the good o£ the f_ And ther& & but ^ re medy. That 
community. For the winter Mr. Deer- tom ^ | s the solving influence of the 
tog Wilt bo employed to Vermont, * old g0 ^ aL These people are n imraot- 
Mni Deertog will stay at the old |tml challenge to both M wd mr gOs- 

Sabatis. pel. What better war, yea, what oth- 

Mr. J. F. RigWidher of Frank J* C f. to Me f f he chn,,c T «“« ** 
Rigby, and the latter’s wife came 

day. Mr. Rigby, senior, wilt make his . ^ Constitute 

homo with 4 son this winter. Hto tU o workers on tomorrow’s bhUlefiehL 
home, for many years, has been to ®'% tor oboymg the 

Newburgh, Me,, where he hn 5 been to ™ M 
business and an influential citizen. ° _ 86 ” e ot,r ^ 0r 

Mrs. fltobv returns from her summer d . tbt . s ‘. Two , thou * and *«*** *& the 





61 River St, 

Opposite the Cheney Ope*4 House. 
Quick Lunches of all Kinds, 


A number of the residents on Hancock 
street and Lincoln avenue have signified 
intentions to take stock in the Mexico 
Water Company with a view to having the 
pipes extended across the river to supply 
them with water. 

Dp you Win! well cooked andetoch 

ty prepared food? ;| 

| Do you want a dean place to wiki h 

■enjoy ybrir tneali? * 



h where you'll get them all, j 

W, W. SMALL, Prcjt ] 

At a o’clock Tuesday 
herae team, belonging 
fltthel took fright at i 
acd started on a mad I 
straet. When opposite 
the resur, nigh horse fcl 
ameas Congress «(reet 
estr.eto a pttrtlaFhalt, 
aid’s drug store, where | 
bystander*. The wag 
keg heavy dowel vehR 
luge and powerful an< 
fist fallen and Impeded | 
aacant of damage that 
cm hardly be tmagl| 
hfirio was dragged aeve 
hart. The soft mud 
fcort bruise*. Rain 
trrrc.-.u at the time. 

The foot bridge was opened for travel, 
Monday night, after having been closed lOr 
some time for repairs. 

A second hand stove was advertised for 
sale in the CITIZEN, last week. The 
papers were delivered to subscribers in the 
afternoon of Thursday. Before sundown 
the stove was sold to a, CITIZEN sub 

A Reliable Home Defender 
The truth of the adage that- "an 
ounce of prevention la worth a pound 
Of cure," has probably been forced Up* 
On more people through the agency Of 
"L, F.’’ Atwood’s Bitters than would 
readily be believed. And what is still 
more remarkable is the fact that "L. 
F." Atwood’s remedy to equally as ef¬ 
ficacious to its coring powers ns it to as 
a preventive against sickness. Thou¬ 
sands of families have depended up¬ 
on the "L, F." medicine ns a house- 
hetd remedy for over half a century; 

hotd remedy for over half a century; miration of the 'Roman Christians, j f ^ 

and it to no exaggeration to say atht ^h e y 8C1J t Monks across %urope asf 

few medictoet have averted more siek- ; Aarics to the Wild, white haired, 1 C A- M. t 5 S JP* 1M 
ness or prevented more suffering. Don't btozb eyed parents of ours lor it Was rnrrwm ~~ 

wait until sickness comes before get- trom the l ns of those barbarous pco- \ v . 

ring "L. F." Atwood’s Biltera. A hot- j? 1 ® that ^ sprang. The missionaries f f 

ffe in the house affords: tellable pro* &*>“* tiem briitsl and wild. Their paytog jJOStfiOP, of h 
teetton. At the stofe, S5e. drinking yesseto Were tbo skulls of We ttoViS bufidfe-ds of 

tod kitled to battle* Thcif Uoas in every part oi 

__... , ...... -' .. .. .„ wives were harnessed with' reindeer as 1 * v * 

a means of transportation. Bat indcr i>latcs » an “ can F 
jgp ',SPk the mtosionary influence Of these ifonks (^ arcs paid one Way) 

they became transformed and today our OS know what kind of ft 
Anglo Saxon civilisation stands as a want (inclose stamp) 
Lg|/< -W| tribute to {Ms missionary effort, to pIace .. , oft _* 

^1 other words, the blessings which we 

now enjoy are a direct produet of mjs* * ^ e l a y- 
I -lionaries having come to our heathen 

Pancestors and won them to the ways ' Addfeis, 

... ..of Jesus, We aro what we are bef»aSe hf03Htto% EMPbOWtgJiT 

9/M mmm m .P of the Work of forefga missions This 

.. . ... '.-jai: Wftf reveals our missionary debt. How shall Hampden 

to the Monday nigi 
n»dB Cowling Alley, I 
DLf Nelson, second; Ai 
5 mil off wilt occur i 
* !, k.g totals will he the 




fflM Nelson I 




L Nelson. 

It M Mermsmin 


All Work Warrant* 

j Merrill 

h Pianos 

!' are noted for their remarkable 
i femaininglongtotiifienftdrteoto 

: Merrill 

? . Pianos 

; ■ irepoptiLrlyknown asthePisCCiV- ^ 

: Sw«et, Resonant To* 

i if you are cofeidctieg 

Si piano, let ns send yo° i>K 
i illtiStratled catalogue of 


What Our NEW TYPE of Range Means 

Bed Cross Pharmacy 

When you feel cold 
come in and get a cup of 

Hot Soda . : 

Hot Cocoa 

Hot Coffee 

> Hot Oyster Bouillon 

Hot Clam Bouill&n 

lot Ittef Bouillon 

Hot Magic Bottiliori 

G i n ger Po m a 


Maintaining the Orawftjfd i eputdtiM. :fdr progress, ^ 

we have constructed a ew type of range which id 
betTer than evefl our heretofore best* In this new ;¥ .,1. 

design the useless and awkward End Hearth its y - * 

Omitted* The ashes are disposed i‘ by ailing into 

a H<0 tor below the fire, winch makes theirremevaf * 

easier and the grates to last longer, Ti'e Coal and Ash r f Wg _J?L. 

Hods are Bide by side, of the same size, arid the Ash ■ fc t l ; :&K*n** I 

Hod heihg ; emptied can be retufridd full of oat. There z 

is also moreroom oh top of the0e ranges, he* 1 'Palace .yp^SSSpBRpf'' 
Is fe^tra large size arid the ^Castle 0 smaller, J Oi l Ifas^l 

All the famous Cra urd features are present! ' 

Single Darriper, Patented Grate, Crip-Joint Oyeri PIUl*S| ^ T 

Asbestos-Backed Oven, Iniprdved Oven adicator* Send- for Out booklet. 
Made by Wrike k Pratt Mf ff . Co., St-Sj Union Si., Bo*to4 
;: , A - ■ . .. 

for sale by il leading ealers* 


to the tlijov* of {ii 

h m* m0M 

G itdlsa'] 

Visits WflumuAv 

T% ilioa ***** trn 

OTPiCfi, In S 
every thA 


alto, U job yd'Sh, 
party having - Merdfl Hms . 
seen arid Ciimlnrtl 

Merrill H*ao Mfg-